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This is such an emotional time of year for me. I feel the anticipation (and stress) of getting back to a regular schedule and the profound sadness that my son will be gone from home for the bulk of the day. The start of each new school year, for me, is a brutal reminder of how fast time is speeding by. It feels like just yesterday my sweet, pudgy-cheeked little guy was toddling off to Kindergarten. Now he is entering grade 8! His last year as an elementary school student! Wow! Who has the pause button and how do I get them to press it? I have to remind myself how very blessed I am to have such a great kid! He still likes to spend time with his parents and he has yet to challenge us in any real way. I know the teen years are ahead but if the past is any indication, we will have a fairly painless transition to adulthood.

Maybe our summer passed so quickly because of all the wonderful things we did together. We had a very short trip to Las Vegas to see David Copperfield and enjoy the 100+ degree temperatures.  Although Vegas isn’t exactly our first choice and it’s not exactly a mecca for children, we made the best of our few days there. David Copperfield put on a wonderful show! Nevada also gave my husband a destination for one of his long-distance motorcycle rides.


pool at Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

My son and I were able to take his best friend on a 5 day camping trip. The weather was ok, the campsite was perfect the memories will be forever.



We did some fishing…


and spent some time at the beach…


While at home, I decided our basement was due for a face-lift. I replaced all the baseboards, added trim to the wainscotting and painted everything!





I also tore out the bar that was my makeshift desk area.





I still need to make a trip to the office supply store to find the perfect desk but, I’m fairly pleased with the results and I’m totally pleased with the fact that I did it all myself!! My husband doesn’t even ask if I need help anymore, he’s available if I need him but he’s learned it’s safer for him to keep his distance, he’s usually the one to get injured when I’m on a roll.

I did managed to fit in a bit of quilting during some of the cooler nights.  I was able to give my son this quilt for his birthday.  It is much loved already, it even went with him to camp!





I finished this quilt, that will be gifted at Christmas.  Can’t say who it’s for but if they are reading this, they will likely figure it out.


I am nearly done piecing the top for the Zombie 3.0 commissioned quilt that will make it’s way to Quebec once it’s finished.   I’ll have pics of it when I get ‘er done.  I’ll also post more about each quilt in a few days.

With all the living we have been doing this summer, I have been neglecting my blogging.  I have, however, been able to keep my Instagram account going.  If you’d like to follow along there, you can find me at @pinprickedfingers.  I’ll be having a 300 follower giveaway shortly if you are interested in receiving some quilting accessories.

In the meantime, we will have a new addition to our family…


one of these cute Portuguese Water Dog puppies will be coming home to us at the end of September!  As you already know, we have an 8yr old PWD and we thought it was time to add another!

September… new beginnings…

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It’s that time of year again.  Time to thank those folks who teach and guide my son, helping him become the man he’ll be.

My son has 7 teachers in his rotation classes.  At Christmas I made (and blogged about) coffee cozies for each of them and wrapped them around cups filled with goodies.  For the end of the year gift, with time constraints, I decided I would just buy them each a gift.


I bought these organizers at the dollar store and filled them with office supplies that I figure everyone can use either at work or home.  I know it’s not a ‘crafty’ gift, but I thought I’d post about it in case anyone is needing a neat teacher gift idea.  All that is needed now is a pretty (or masculine) ribbon tied around each of them and off to school they go!

  My son rarely comes home with homework and if he does it’s usually a project that takes a few days to complete.  We all have fun scouring our home (and often my sewing room) for supplies to make things; like a wooden raft, a model of a single cell, a homemade ice box.  I am reliving my childhood through my son and I couldn’t be having a better time of it!

My son’s time management skills are being honed by an amazing woman, his tutor.  We are very fortunate to be able to afford and to have found this wonderful tutor that has helped our son achieve some of the best grades he has ever gotten.  I wanted to show my gratitude in a more personal way.  At Christmas, I made her a pillow.  She says she still uses it even though it has a winter themed fabric.


I know the colours in her home are very neutral and I wanted to make something that had a classic look.


I made her a set of four reversible placemats (measuring 17″x21″)


and a set of four napkins (16″ square).


I am totally crushing on these!  I wish I had more of that bamboo fabric to make some for myself.  I may need to scour the stores to find some.  I have plenty of the other fabrics, or similar ones in my stash, so another set of these aren’t too far in the future.

I used medium weight interfacing between the two layers of fabric to give the placemats a bit more structure.  The napkins are double-sided as well with the reverse being my go-to neutral, Kona Snow.


I pre-washed all the fabrics to reduce shrinkage afterward.  Wow!  I need to figure out a better way of doing that!  I trimmed way too much in frayed threads.  I’m thinking maybe putting it all in a pillow case and tying it shut for the next time.

I’m hoping everyone finds these gifts useful and I’m hoping they feel my gratitude for being such great influences on my son.  I’m a believer in “it takes a village”.

Till next time…



A few weeks ago, as I was enjoying a pedicure, my friend told me about a sweet little 5 month old baby girl that has been in hospital for months.  She has a non-operable, non-malignant tumour in her brain that is affecting her optic nerve among other things.  She will have an arduous journey ahead of her.  I have never met the parents or the little girl but I see her grandma most times at the spa where we both get our services done.   While listening to the story of this little girl, I felt it placed upon my heart to offer a tiny bit of comfort  the only ways I know how.  Make a quilt and say a prayer.

I let it go for a week or so thinking that it would seem strange to the family to receive a quilt from a complete stranger.  I tried to work on other projects in my sewing room but at the oddest moments, I would think of this little girl and her family.  If God wasn’t tapping on my door wanting me to make this quilt, I’m not sure what was going on.  So, I decided I better answer the call.

I rooted through my scrap bin of pink fabrics and pulled together enough baby-girl fabric to make a decent sized quilt.  Finished, it measures 50″x64″.  Other than the Kona Snow used for the sashing and border, the entire quilt is made from scraps.  Even the batting was “frankenstitched” from scraps cut from other projects.


The backing was a thrift store duvet cover that I recycled and because it was previously loved, it is so soft from many washings.  I decided this would be an excellent opportunity to practice my stippling technique of FMQing.


I quilted hearts in each square of fabric and double hearts along the border.  The binding was a complete surprise!  I found it in my green scrap bin and it has the perfect shade of pink in it!


I’m calling this quilt “Happy Hearts” in hopes it brings a bit of happiness to the baby girl and her family.  I pray God’s love is felt each time they wrap her in it.

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This is everything I will need to complete my next customer quilt for my sister-friend in Quebec.  This will be my third quilt made using the Zombie Apocalypse line by Riley Blake.  I love the little zombies in the design!  They are so cute!  I have added a few other fabrics that play well with this line.  The black with white skulls is another Riley Blake fabric called “Geekly Chic”.  And the large white skull fabric is an Alexander Henry fabric called “yorick”.  I believe this quilt will be loved by a teenaged boy, so I’m pretty safe in assuming my fabric choices are going to work out ok.

With all the great weather we’ve been having, my sewing time has taken a hit.  I spent Saturday laying a new walkway and sod to my (day job) office and Sunday was spent recovering from the whole ordeal!


The garden centre ran out of sod, otherwise, the rest of the lawn would look as nice as the area around the stepping stones.  That’s this weekend’s job along with weeding the beds and mowing the ever-growing grass!  While I love the outdoor work, I don’t love the scheduling stress.  I wish I could pick and choose what I do when, HA!  Don’t we all!

Hopefully I’ll have more quilty bits to share, next time…


So, last time I mentioned I started a website to draw interest for my home decor sewing business.  Well, after just 2 weeks and a bit of word-of-mouth, I have finished my first customer quilt and have a couple orders in the queue!


This sweet crib quilt went together so easily.  The customer brought me 16 finished blocks that she had made a while back.  I used some coordinating fabric from my stash to use for sashing, borders and binding.  I really can’t believe how perfectly the fabrics play together!  The backing fabric is repurposed curtains that allow the quilt to have a 3 generational link (grandmother, son, grandson).  So special!


The backing fabric has these sweet bears in various outfits!  So cute!


I did all over stippling to quilt it all together and I used the same yellow gingham for the binding.  I thought it would add a softer feel to the quilt than if I’d used a contrasting fabric.


And voila!  All done and ready for snuggling!  I hope the lad that gets this will love it for years to come!

I have an order for a quilt that will be used and loved in Quebec.  A sister-friend has asked me to duplicate my “Jeepers Creepers” quilt (below) for one of her sons.  While I can’t get all the exact fabrics, I did order some very similar along with the Zombie Apocalypse fabrics featured in the quilt.  I will be starting that one as soon as the shipment of goodies arrives!  I love getting squishy mail!


My sister is trusting me to cut into her beautiful fabric to make kitchen cushions (I’m happy to start when I get the fabric – hint, hint).  I foresee this as being pure bliss!  I love making things for my family!  I know my sister will love anything I make (and she is optically challenged when it comes to my mistakes).

I have an order for kitchen and dining room curtains that I will be working on when fabric choices are made, and a pending order for kitchen seat cushions.  I’m thinking these may be put on the back burner for a while though.  It is hard to compete with the big box stores for pricing when it comes to cushions.  I feel a tad bit guilty charging the prices I need to, but I also have to remind myself that these cushions would be custom made!

All in all, I’m having a blast with this fledgling business!  I pray often, asking the Lord to guide me in this decision and if He wills it, to send me more business!  Only time will tell if this will be a viable option to allow me to “give up my day job”.

If I may be so bold to ask, if you know of anyone needing home decor sewing, could you send them my way?

Oh, and one more sweet tidbit… my brother has been sewing up a storm!  Yup, my brother!  He bought a second-hand sewing machine (at the thrift store?) a while ago to make cushions for his sailboat.  I stopped by the other day and saw his progress.  Very impressive!  He is working with marine vinyl, marine-grade thread and very basic supplies (scissors, paper templates, ruler).  I’m not sure why I’m so surprised, he has an engineer’s mind, very detail oriented.  Well, I got nosy and turned his work over to look at the backside of his pieced vinyl seat top.  WOW!  I think maybe he should go into business!  Perfection doesn’t even come close to describing it.  I will have to take pictures the next time I am over there.  It will be a long labour of love for him.  He is disabled from a car crash and can only work at it for short periods but when it will be done, it will look AH-MAZE-ING!

It’s so nice to have someone to share my stitch-y obsession with!

Till next time…


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Well, faithful peeps!  I sort of went awol on you for a while.  I suppose I needed a bit of down time. Time to recharge after the “never-ending winter”.

I have been spending time with my Mom, who is now settled comfortably in a nursing home.  Her mind is fading and I’m trying to spend as much time as I can before the disease makes her forget her world.

I spent a lovely week away with my son on a Caribbean cruise, while the hubby stayed home to pay for it!  His turn next time!

I’ve had some wonderful sewing days thrown in there too!  Let me show you!


I finished this throw quilt, made from Zombie Apocalypse fabric by Riley Blake.  I used a pattern that is supposed to look like chain-link but I think it gets lost with the busy-ness of the fabric.  It will be auctioned off at a car show on June 22nd in Plattsville, Ontario, Canada.  Our youth group at church is hosting a Classic Car Show from 1-4pm to raise money for the youth to go to Kamloops, BC for the youth convention.  If you are in the area, stop by for some car eye candy and maybe bid on my quilt!  I haven’t put a label on it yet, any suggestions for a name?


I pieced the back using large pieces of the same fabric with some Kona Coal thrown in for good measure.  The binding is a bit scrappy, I used some orange eyeballs from the Zombie Apocalypse line and some black fabric from my stash.


I quilted it using FMQ in a spider web pattern.  It was surprisingly easy and quite meditative.  I watched old episodes of The Guardian on Netflix.  Gotta love me some Simon Baker!  I could watch that man for hours!  *sigh*


I’m nearly done this quilt (finally)!  I still need to attach the binding but with a full week of rain in the forecast, I thought I better get a photo while the getting was good.  This is still from last year’s MSBHQAL and I finally got to quilting it.  I struggled with what pattern to quilt.  I feel I took the cheater’s way out… I ditch-stitched it.  It looks pretty sweet from the back, especially when you take into consideration the backing fabric.


The backing fabric has strong geometric shapes similar to the herringbone pattern on the front.  The colour isn’t coming through on the photo, it is very bright and most of the colours are found in the fabrics on the front of the quilt.  I am binding it in this fabric as well.  Can’t tell you what it is.  The selvage really didn’t say.  Pity.

I am a full month behind now in the RSC2014 and I’m not terribly upset by it.  The colour for April was purple and I’m not sure how much purple I actually have.  I know I’ll get the squares done, I just need to sit still long enough to sort through my scrap bins.  Whew!  That’s going to be a chore.  I’m waiting to see what the colour will be for May.  Something spring-like, I’m sure!

Oooh!  And guess what?  I have ordered a quilting frame kit!  It should be here in a few days.  I’m excited, I hope I’m not going to be disappointed.  I spent the weekend at the Creativ Festival with two lovely ladies and kept wandering off on my own to research long-arm quilting machines.  The problem… I can not justify spending $10,000 right now!  Maybe if I get my quilt-y business up and running, but not before then.  The kit is a build-yourself kit and uses your domestic sewing machine.  The kit is being specially made to fit my particular machine.  I plan on practicing my FMQ on this set up before I make the leap to a “real” long-arm machine.  I’ll do a proper post after I test drive it for a while.

Last, but not least… I now have a website!  I will be selling some of my wares on this site and taking custom orders for quilts and home decor items.  Check it out!

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I promise not to stay quiet for so long.  Till next time…



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