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New Knits!

Whoo Hoo!  A bunch of new knits have arrived!


These beauties are all from Monaluna.  They are 100% certified organic cotton knit.  I can’t wait to sew up some fun t-shirts with these fabulous prints.  A touch of juvenile whimsy with enough grown up sophistication to make them the perfect fabric for your next sewing project.  I haven’t quite got them loaded into the store yet but, when I do, they will be selling for $19/yard. Head over to the shop to check it out!

Hashmark has also arrived!


These Michael Miller fabrics are so much more vibrant in person!  I love the retro feel of the flower print and the stripes reminds me of a summer cabana.  Just the thing this gal needs on a cold dreary day, (when is spring coming?).

This line sells for $19/yard and is available in all cuts: Fat Quarter, 1/2 yard, full yard.  Head over to the shop to check these out and so much more!

I think a nice summer quilt is what these prints are asking to become.  There are some fr-amily members (>friends) that have been promised quilts from their Auntie Rita. Whatcha think?  Might y’all like this draped over your couch?  You know who you are…

Till next time…



Come see what has just arrived!  I love these lines!!

The blues in this Moody Blues line by Cloud 9 are the prettiest shade, they remind me of summer.  The Blooms print is calling me to sew it into a summery skirt.  I think I’ll have to do that next “selfish-sewing” day I get.  At $18/yard, I don’t see these lasting long in the store.

Pomegranate Birds Blooms Sashiko Birds Cacti

The other new arrival this week is, Lost & Found 2 by Riley Blake

While not new on the market, this line is new in the shop.  I was able to get this on sale and when I get a deal, you get a deal!  At $13/yard this is one Riley Blake line you will want to add to your stash!

The prints look just as amazing on their own as they do together.  I think I’ll be making this line into a quilt to showcase all the great prints.  Maybe a nice summery top for the Aqua Medallion print too.

Riley Blake Aqua Floral Large_0321798 Riley Blake Aqua Medallion Large_0321807 Riley Blake Grey Damask Large_0321803 Riley Blake Grey Label Large_0321800 Riley Blake Yellow Scallop_0321809

And last but not least…

IMG_2949 IMG_2948

These great bundles!  Great for stash building (think bindings)!  The Polka Dot bundle comes with 19 different colours!  The Honeycomb bundle comes with 17 different colours!  Just think, you won’t ever have to go searching for a co-ordinating binding fabric again!

Till next time…


It’s almost mid March and I have, only just, finished a quilt!  My first in the sew my stash challenge 2015.  It’s a baby quilt for a lovely young couple expecting their first child later this spring.


If you’ve followed me on my IG feed or here on my blog, you know I adore anything Kate & Birdie Paper Company makes.  This fabric line, Bluebird Park is no exception.  The more I work with their fabrics, the more I love them!  I’m not a ‘cutesy’ kind of gal, I don’t really like prints with animals but these, oh, these are different!  The cutest little hedgehogs trail across the fabric, the sweetest hummingbirds flutter near the branches of a tree.  The bicycles and bunnies, yup!  Love!

I don’t have any of this line to sell in my shop and I was kind of hoarding this charm pack of Bluebird Park, but, I’ve got their newest line Winterberry (coming soon).  It is a Christmas fabric line that plays very well with their previous holiday line Winter’s Lane.  Trust me, you will want to stock up on this one!  It is a fabric hoarders dream!

Ok, back to the quilt!  I knew eventually someone close to me would have a baby that I could use this on.    I finally had a reason to stitch it up into a very simple crib quilt.  The batting is Hobbs 80/20 Heirloom batting.  I backed it using the co-ordinating teal textured solid and the grey/teal hydrangea print.


I did a medium stipple in the white background space and left the charm squares as they are, I wanted the fabric to shine, not my quilting.  All pieced and quilted using Aurifil Thread.

I’m kinda jazzed about how the back looks with the negative and positive quilting spaces.


Well, there you have it.  My first finish for 2015, and my first Sew My Stash 2015 finish.  I’m usually more prolific than this but I have been a little busy, setting up the store.

Next week, I’ll share my first apparel item (in nearly a decade) sewn using a Valori Wells Knit, available in my shop.

Till next time…


Dear, sweet, faithful followers of this lonely blog:

As I’ve already told you, I’ve opened an online fabric shop called Fabric Please!  I will be updating blog posts from that site on a regular basis.  I will try to remember to post in both places initially, but as life gets busier, I’m anticipating that my main posts will show up at my web page blog.

If you’ve enjoyed my blog, please head over to my website and follow my blog from there.  It will save me a ton of cutting and pasting of words and free up more time for cutting and sewing of fabric.

My blog posts will still be about me and my sewing projects but I’ll also be posting the new and fabulous fabrics that will be arriving in my shop

(all the more to tempt  you with, my dear)

and sales and specials I’ll be offering.

I’ll be implementing a weekly blog post called Fun Fabric Fridays!  Keep an eye out for this week’s post, I’m planning a little something special for you all.

With that said, I absolutely love to chat with you all,

(ask my hubby, he says I even talk in my sleep).

So send me a message, a comment or email rita@fabricplease.com

I’ll be happy to discuss all things fabric!

till next time…


Fabric Please! Online fabric shop is now open for business! I’m still ironing out a few wrinkles but why not visit http://fabricplease.com to have a look!



It’s official!  I’ve booked my booth at the Spring Creativ Festival!

My online fabric shop, Fabric Please!, will become “brick and mortar” for two days only!

For anyone in Toronto, Ontario on  April 24 & 25, 2015, you have to stop in at the Creativ Festival at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  It is THE place to go for all your hand crafting supplies.

Look for me at booth #315!  More info to come as the time gets closer.

See you there!

Till next time…


I’ve been a bit pre-occupied lately and here is why…

I’m opening an Online Fabric Shop!

It’s been a long-time dream of mine to open a fabric shop.  About fifteen years ago, when Kitchener Textiles closed it’s doors, I nearly cried from the feeling of loss.  Where, in my little corner of the world, would I get such a vast selection of fabrics, knowledgeable help and friendly, like-minded people to buy fabric from?!  I jokingly asked my husband if we should offer to buy the business before it closed for good.  I got a firm “No” in response.

Fast forward five years, again a store was closing, this time a local hardware store in my little village of New Dundee, Ontario.  It was a long-standing, family run business but, with the changing times and changing generations, it just wasn’t a sustainable business in such a small town.  On a whim, I asked my husband if (maybe, please) we could open a brick and mortar fabric shop in the empty space.  Again, I got a firm “No!” in response. (insert sad face)

Jump with me again, this time eight years; yet another brick and mortar fabric shop (this time in St. Jacobs, Ontario) was closing it’s doors.  It was a viable business but, understandably, the owner wanted to retire and just couldn’t find a serious buyer.  Guess who asked her husband?  Yup, I got the same (albeit firmer) “NO!” response. (insert pouting here)

Now, let’s move to the present.  I’ve been a Registered Massage Therapist for 25 years and lately, my hands have begun to feel every year of the hard work I have asked of them.  I love my chosen profession,  but my body and my fading passion for this job has made it feel just that… a job.  My personal standards are far too high to allow myself to treat any of my valued clients as “a job”.  So, I’ve started to brainstorm other professions that may be a bit gentler on my creaky body.

Again, I kept thinking *FABRIC STORE*!!!  Guess who said “NO”?  The problem was, the outlay of money for inventory, the rental space, the insurance, the paperwork, the licences, the bylaws, etc, etc, etc (I kind of tuned him out after a while).  My husband is actually a very smart man!!  He thinks of EVERYTHING!  While I was just in the dreaming phase, he was the practical one, thinking of how the hell we were going to pay for all this!

So, it was actually a sweet young lady, Catherine, owner of For the Love of Fabric, that suggested (because I already buy sooooo much fabric) that I open my own online fabric shop.  I sort of laughed it off (at first) but the more I thought of it, the overhead costs were much (much) less.  I could grow the business slowly, without the need for staff, space, money (well, I still needed a bit of money).  I mulled this over for a bit, and approached my husband (tentatively) thinking, there was no way he’d go for it.  He’d already said “no” several times.

(Insert angels singing) 


He said “YES”!!! He thought it over (quite a while) and agreed that this could be a good ‘next chapter’ in my career.  So, all this very long post to say…

I’d like to invite you to hop over to my shop, Fabric Please! The site is not much to look at just yet, it’s still under construction, but come back soon and I’ll have it filled up with fabric pretties. The Aurifil thread is on it’s way and the beautiful designer cottons should be arriving over the next few weeks.  As I’m getting started, my inventory will start out small, but if there is anything you think I should carry, let me know.  I’ll research it, and if I’m able, I’ll see what I can do to get it in the shop.

Happy shopping to you, and a happy face (if you could see it) on me!

Till next time…



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