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The colour for March is not blue, not green but right in between… some call it teal, some aqua.  Whatever the name, the colour is gorgeous.  When I first saw this was the colour for the month I was worried I didn’t have much to work with but when I started searching my piles of stash and in my scrap bins, I was rewarded with lots to choose from.  I even ended up having more than I needed!  I may be a bit late this month but here is what I came up with…

I made two ticker tape blocks again.  I am loving these blocks so much and they go together really fast!


Here’s my log cabin block.


I made a string block again.


I’m going to miss linking up this Saturday as I will be without internet service for a few days so I thought I’d link up with last week’s RSC2014.

Till next time…Rita

The past week has zipped by so quickly and I’ve gotten a lot accomplished but for some reason I have missed blogging my Friday finishes.  I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some of my finishes over the past week.


This throw sized quilt was made using the Zombie Apocalypse line by Riley Blake.  It will be for my husband to snuggle with on the couch while he watches his favourite show, Walking Dead.  I’m not a fan of the show (it’s too gruesome for me and causes me to have nightmares) but he enjoys it, so; this is my way of being with him while he watches.  I had to make it while he was gone on a mini-vacation to keep it a surprise.


This was my quilting ‘practice’ drawn on a piece of paper with the quilt dimensions.  I wasn’t sure how to quilt all the different sizes of squares/rectangles so I just started to doodle.  I knew I wanted to do the spiralling squares again somewhere but I didn’t want the whole quilt like that, so I only used them in the smaller squares…


The large 10″ squares got wavy lines…

IMG_1648 IMG_1645

and all the various rectangle sizes got this random zig zag.


As I was quilting these zig zags they started to look like the lines on a cardiac monitor.  I thought that was kind of ironic… zombies don’t have a heart beat.

I quilted it using Konfetti Medium Grey by Wonderfil thread, I used Warm & Natural batting and I pieced the back and made the binding using yardage by the same line.


When I first bought this fabric I didn’t really like it.  I’m not a zombie fan – of any kind!  The more I worked with it though, the more I started to like those little zombie critters and the ‘people’ on the fabric.  It has some fun graphics, the one print tells what to do in the event of a zombie attack.  Things like “zombies can’t climb trees” and “zombies are attracted to loud noises and lights”.  It’s a fun quilt and I know my hubby will love it!  I’m calling this quilt “Zombie Love”, it measures 72″x84″, plenty big enough for my hubby to fit under and maybe some room for one more!  Now I just need to find a place to hide it until Father’s Day.

The other finishes this week are…

These two Oh, Deer crib quilts which I blogged about here.

P1020692 P1020693

and these Kindergarten Quilts, blogged about here.

P1020697 P1020695.

Whew!  I’m kind of surprising myself with how fast I’ve been knocking out these quilts.  I guess after spending last year making mammoth king size quilts, these little crib and throw quilts go together quickly.  I’ve already got another throw ready for quilting, I just need to figure out what design to use.  It’s also made with the Zombie Apocalypse fabric and will likely be donated to my son’s youth group at church to raise funds to send the kids to the youth conference in Kamloops, BC.  I feel a bit odd donating a zombie themed quilt to a church, but it’s for the youth and if there is one thing teens like, it’s skulls and zombies!

Hopefully I’ll get my days right this coming week and link up my finishes properly.  Check out all the links in the sidebar, there are some amazing blogs to visit!

Till next time… Rita

P1020697  P1020695

This time every year, I spend a day and piece together squares that the local Kindergarten children draw on with fabric markers.  I baste the quilt sandwich with very large stitches and bind the quilt.  When it’s all done, I take it and my quilting frame to the local school and the kindies tie the quilt together using coloured yarn.

IMG_1497  IMG_1500

This year, there are two Kindergarten classes so I made two quilts.  This project is pure bliss for me!  Seeing the adorable drawings these little ones create puts a smile on my face the entire time I stitch them together.  I think I’ve been doing this with the school for nearly 6 years now.   The first quilt years ago was very much a learn-as-you-go type of project.  I didn’t know how to bind a quilt back then so I “cheated” by doing a back-over binding method.  Of course, I didn’t know it was called that at the time.

IMG_1498  IMG_1499

When the quilt is tied and washed, each child then takes a turn spending the night with the quilt and writing (with assistance from family) about their experiences.  Their photos snuggling with the quilt and their stories are then put into a scrapbook for posterity.  Once each child has enjoyed time with the quilt, it is then donated to a worthy cause.  I believe past quilts hang in the Children’s Hospital in Toronto, our local hospital (Grand River/Freeport) on the palliative care floor. TheMuseum (our local children’s museum) as well as being shipped to Haiti after the earthquake and Africa for an AIDS baby.  These are just some of the places these quilts have gone.  I usually make two but some years I have made three.  I love spreading comfort in this small way.  And the look on the little ones’ faces when they see their squares in the finished quilt is priceless!

P1020698   P1020697

P1020696 P1020695

I found this great polka dot fabric in blue and yellow and decided to use both for these quilts.  I backed both of them and bound them with the same fabric.  I always keep my eye open for fabric bargains with these quilts in mind.  I try to find a heavier weight quilting cotton or flannel and I always buy it on sale.  I usually only use 2.5 yards for each quilt but I get extra (for me to add to my stash).  This year I scored big!  I got both of these polka dot fabrics, listed on sale for $5.99/yard but then there was an additional 50% off my total purchase!  Crazy, right?  I ended up getting 4 yards of each so I could have lots to play with for other projects.  To me, that is a win-win any way you look at it.

I’ll be linking with my Wednesday and Thursday link ups found in my sidebar!

Till next time… Rita

I’ve finished two crib-sized quilts for donation.  One went to my Soul Sister’s church and the other to my church.  Hopefully they will be able to use them to raise money either with an auction or raffle of some sort.

I pieced both of these together back in the summer…


Ahhh, how I wish for those warm days…

This first one was done using a jelly roll of Oh, Deer by Moda and I just sewed the strips together.  Easy-peasy!


These were WIP’s ever since then.  They went together very quickly and the quilting was really fun too!  I did an alternating wave/loop-de-loop in each of the strips for the strip quilt which I named “Surefooted As a Deer”.


For the back I used a large piece of yardage from the same line and added strips of Kona Snow to the edges to bring it up to the right width.


I even had a decent day for outdoor photo taking!


The second quilt I used a charm pack from the Oh, Deer line along with a charm pack of Kona Snow and pieced them together in alternating squares.


This one is called “As the Deer Pants for Streams of Water” and I did a spiralling square for the quilting in each square.


I absolutely love the spiralling squares!  I think I may like the back of the quilt even more because of the quilting.


I used another piece of the same yardage but broke it up with a big band of the Kona Snow through the middle.  I think it makes the print pop!


Both of these crib quilts are already delivered.

I’m now working on some Kindergarten quilts that I’ll post about later in the week.  I’m linking with my Monday and Tuesday link ups found in my sidebar.

Till next time….Rita

March 15, 2014

Today is Worldwide Quilting Day as well as National Quilting Day in the USA.

How will you be “celebrating”?


Like you, I’ve seen the magazine, the TV show and read the blogs… Quilt in a Day!  I used to read those words and say, “yeah, right, as if!”  Well, I am here to say… It CAN be done!  I started this quilt at 11:00am today and by 11:15pm I was laying in bed blogging about it!  Really!  It wasn’t that difficult.  I even took a lunch break and cooked and ate a lovely dinner with my family.  I used a very easy design layout.  I saw a quilt in my LQS called “3-6-9″ and decided I would try my own 3-6-9 quilt.  I started by cutting a few 3.5″ squares, some 6.5″ squares and some 9.5″ squares.  Then I cut a few 6.5″x3.5″ strips and voila!  I had a decent block that could be repeated using a variation of the colours.  I think if I did this one again (and I likely will), I would just use the same repeating pattern of colour.  I think it would make the layout much cleaner.  I am a lover of order!


So, more about this quilt.


Awhile back, a friend of mine asked me to make a quilt for her local chapter of the Kinsmen/Kinette to auction off at their Annual Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser.  I procrastinated a bit on this one because she wanted the KIN logo to be present somewhere on the quilt and I found that a bit daunting at first.  In my mind, I had worked out the how of it, I just needed to get busy and do it.  I photocopied the logo from the internet and traced it to the fabric.  I then used my FMQ foot and basically FMQ’d over the traced markings.  To fill in the darker areas and the letters, I used a zig zag stitch.  I am really hoping this holds up in the wash!  I’ve seen embroidery patches that look like this kind of stitching but I do not profess to know how to embroider!  I just kind of ‘winged’ it and am pretty pleased with the end result.


I quilted it using a variegated blue thread (Fruitti in Sky Blue by Wonderfil) with a meandering loop-de-loop all over and it gives it a nice cozy feel.  I still need some practice with the FMQ-ing, but my stitch lengths and my pedal vs hand speed are getting much better.  I have a few spots where you can see the stops and starts as I changed hand position, but, like anything, it will get better with practice.


I am calling this quilt “Great Strides” to honour the Kinsmen/Kinette events to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis.


 I still need to wash this throw sized quilt, but I think if all goes well in the tumbler, I’ll be a happy quilter!  I hope my friend likes it as well, I also hope this quilt brings them lots of money for their fundraiser.
If you happen to be in the Listowel, Ontario (Canada) area and would like to join in the fun the event info is as follows:
“Homicidal Idol” Dinner Theatre
Listowel Kin Station
Thursday April 24th 2014
Doors open @ 6:15
Show and Dinner @ 7 pm
Tickets are $25 a person or $40 for 2
All proceed from the event support Cystic Fibrosis Canada Research

I’ll be linking up with my Thursday and Friday link ups!

Till next time… Rita

Translation…. What I‘m Doing Right Now.


For you Instagram-ers, you have probably already seen this hashtag.  It took me a while (and an online urban dictionary) to figure it out.  I am on the more experienced side of 40 but I still love my social media!  I have become slightly addicted to IG (Instagram).  With my life the past month in a bit of a tailspin, I needed a quick diversion and IG provided that for me.

My blog space here has been a bit quiet the past month.  To update my real-life friends… my mom is now in a nursing home following a major stroke back in January.  The appointments, tours of LTC facilities, time spent with Mom and of course, the stress, left me with no blogging energy at the end of the day.  Now that things have settled a bit, I feel like I can breathe again.

With all the life stuff  happening, I did manage to find a bit of time to quilt!  As stated in an earlier post, it provides me with a bit of sanity when I feel the world spinning a bit too fast.

Here is What I‘ve (been) Doing Right Now


IMG_1480 IMG_1479 IMG_1478 IMG_1477 IMG_1475

I spent a day and pin basted all of my WIP’s I’ve been hoarding from last year.  I will blog more about each quilt as I finish them.

IMG_1490 IMG_1486

FABRIC purchases!  Some lovely pre-cuts/fabrics acquired during a fabric de-stash (where else?) on Instagram! You may remember I was going to try to do the fabric diet… well, I profess to being a member of the “More to Love Club”.  I have a bit ‘more’ on me to love and now I have a bit more fabric to love.  C’est la vie!

IMG_1500 IMG_1497

I also managed to FINISH two comforters for our local Kindergarten classes.  Again, watch for the blog about these sweet things.

So there you have it!  While it may have seemed like I wasn’t getting much quilting done, I actually think I did pretty well, all things considered.  I will be linking up with my Monday & Tuesday link ups (found in my sidebar).

Till next time… Rita


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