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Dear, sweet, faithful followers of this lonely blog:

As I’ve already told you, I’ve opened an online fabric shop called Fabric Please!  I will be updating blog posts from that site on a regular basis.  I will try to remember to post in both places initially, but as life gets busier, I’m anticipating that my main posts will show up at my web page blog.

If you’ve enjoyed my blog, please head over to my website and follow my blog from there.  It will save me a ton of cutting and pasting of words and free up more time for cutting and sewing of fabric.

My blog posts will still be about me and my sewing projects but I’ll also be posting the new and fabulous fabrics that will be arriving in my shop

(all the more to tempt  you with, my dear)

and sales and specials I’ll be offering.

I’ll be implementing a weekly blog post called Fun Fabric Fridays!  Keep an eye out for this week’s post, I’m planning a little something special for you all.

With that said, I absolutely love to chat with you all,

(ask my hubby, he says I even talk in my sleep).

So send me a message, a comment or email rita@fabricplease.com

I’ll be happy to discuss all things fabric!

till next time…


Fabric Please! Online fabric shop is now open for business! I’m still ironing out a few wrinkles but why not visit http://fabricplease.com to have a look!



It’s official!  I’ve booked my booth at the Spring Creativ Festival!

My online fabric shop, Fabric Please!, will become “brick and mortar” for two days only!

For anyone in Toronto, Ontario on  April 24 & 25, 2015, you have to stop in at the Creativ Festival at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  It is THE place to go for all your hand crafting supplies.

Look for me at booth #315!  More info to come as the time gets closer.

See you there!

Till next time…


I’ve been a bit pre-occupied lately and here is why…

I’m opening an Online Fabric Shop!

It’s been a long-time dream of mine to open a fabric shop.  About fifteen years ago, when Kitchener Textiles closed it’s doors, I nearly cried from the feeling of loss.  Where, in my little corner of the world, would I get such a vast selection of fabrics, knowledgeable help and friendly, like-minded people to buy fabric from?!  I jokingly asked my husband if we should offer to buy the business before it closed for good.  I got a firm “No” in response.

Fast forward five years, again a store was closing, this time a local hardware store in my little village of New Dundee, Ontario.  It was a long-standing, family run business but, with the changing times and changing generations, it just wasn’t a sustainable business in such a small town.  On a whim, I asked my husband if (maybe, please) we could open a brick and mortar fabric shop in the empty space.  Again, I got a firm “No!” in response. (insert sad face)

Jump with me again, this time eight years; yet another brick and mortar fabric shop (this time in St. Jacobs, Ontario) was closing it’s doors.  It was a viable business but, understandably, the owner wanted to retire and just couldn’t find a serious buyer.  Guess who asked her husband?  Yup, I got the same (albeit firmer) “NO!” response. (insert pouting here)

Now, let’s move to the present.  I’ve been a Registered Massage Therapist for 25 years and lately, my hands have begun to feel every year of the hard work I have asked of them.  I love my chosen profession,  but my body and my fading passion for this job has made it feel just that… a job.  My personal standards are far too high to allow myself to treat any of my valued clients as “a job”.  So, I’ve started to brainstorm other professions that may be a bit gentler on my creaky body.

Again, I kept thinking *FABRIC STORE*!!!  Guess who said “NO”?  The problem was, the outlay of money for inventory, the rental space, the insurance, the paperwork, the licences, the bylaws, etc, etc, etc (I kind of tuned him out after a while).  My husband is actually a very smart man!!  He thinks of EVERYTHING!  While I was just in the dreaming phase, he was the practical one, thinking of how the hell we were going to pay for all this!

So, it was actually a sweet young lady, Catherine, owner of For the Love of Fabric, that suggested (because I already buy sooooo much fabric) that I open my own online fabric shop.  I sort of laughed it off (at first) but the more I thought of it, the overhead costs were much (much) less.  I could grow the business slowly, without the need for staff, space, money (well, I still needed a bit of money).  I mulled this over for a bit, and approached my husband (tentatively) thinking, there was no way he’d go for it.  He’d already said “no” several times.

(Insert angels singing) 


He said “YES”!!! He thought it over (quite a while) and agreed that this could be a good ‘next chapter’ in my career.  So, all this very long post to say…

I’d like to invite you to hop over to my shop, Fabric Please! The site is not much to look at just yet, it’s still under construction, but come back soon and I’ll have it filled up with fabric pretties. The Aurifil thread is on it’s way and the beautiful designer cottons should be arriving over the next few weeks.  As I’m getting started, my inventory will start out small, but if there is anything you think I should carry, let me know.  I’ll research it, and if I’m able, I’ll see what I can do to get it in the shop.

Happy shopping to you, and a happy face (if you could see it) on me!

Till next time…



Back in early December, I had a giveaway on my Instagram account @pinprickedfingers for reaching 300 followers.  The winner of that draw was @nostalgiaquilter.  Congrats to Brenda.

In the meantime, I was very busy getting ready for Christmas and in the rush of the make and take of gifts I forgot to take photos of most of my “makes”.

Here is what I did remember to photograph…


Scrappy pillows for my sister and her hubby


Matching pillows (matches last year’s quilt) for my brother and sister-in-law


A multitude of quilts for my other sister, niece and nephews.


a knitted scarf for a little dude (my sister-in-law’s grandson)


Pillow cases for two boys that live across the street


Many, many placemats, napkins and trivets that made their way to all the other special people in my life.

I also forgot to photograph this year’s teacher gifts…

I made flax-heat packs and lavender infused epsom salts to make up relaxation care packages.  They went over very well and I heard from many of the teachers that they used them over the holiday break.

Now… to some of the exciting things for 2015!


I’ve decided to join in on the #sewmystash2015 movement over on Instagram and will report here as I am able.  Basically, the idea is to use up the fabric in your stash as best you can over the year (and to purchase as little as possible).  I think I can do it, I’ve definitely got enough in my stash to make all the quilts slated for the year.

But… here’s the thing.  I’m planning on starting a new chapter in my life.  This chapter will include the purchasing of many, many more fabrics!  For now, I’ll have to leave it at that.  I’d like you to join me in my new adventures.  I’ll let you know more in a while…

Till next time….


Wow!  I can’t believe I have 300 followers on Instagram!  As a very big thank you for your loyal support, I am having my first giveaway!


One lucky winner will receive this bundle, which includes:

4 fat quarters from Free Spirit (florals)

1 charm pack from Kona (Silent Film Greys – in package)

1 charm pack from Kona (multi solids – previously opened but never used)

1 spool Mako12 50wt Aurifil thread

1 package Jumbo Clover clips

Here’s how you win…

1. Hop over to my Instagram account and follow me @pinprickedfingers

2. Have a look around and “like” 1 of my pictures

3. Tag two friends on my giveaway post (hopefully they will want to join in on the fun!)

4. For an extra chance to win, follow my blog and tell me how you do so.

(sorry, Facebook followers, you will have to pull yourselves away from there and hop onto IG to get in on the action)

Your name will go into a hat (I’m old fashioned) for following on IG and following my blog

that’s 2 chances to win!

I will pick a winner (out of said hat) on (spoiler alert!) my birthday!!!

Saturday, December 6th

at 11:59pm (EST)

Never mind how old I am, just get in on the fun!

I’ll ship anywhere in the world using our wonderful Canada Post system.

(I love my overseas followers, they give me someone to ‘talk’ to in the insomniac hours of the night.)

WIP – Red & Blue Quilt

My latest Work In Progress (WIP) is this red and blue quilt that I’m making for one of my nephews.  Again, if you are reading this, act surprised when you get this quilt!


I used the last of my navy blue fabric, most of my medium and light blue and all of the red I had in the house for this soon-to-be Queen Sized quilt.  I’m using HST (half-square triangles) which usually go together quickly but for some reason this quilt is taking a bit longer than expected.  Maybe because I’ve changed the layout so many times.  I tried a chevron pattern and a diagonal stripe pattern but it was missing something so I settled on this layout.


I’m hoping to finish this quilt later next week.  For now, I have to whip up some Christmas themed placemats and napkins that will be auctioned off at a local church charity.  I’m using some of my new fabric that I bought at Creativ Festival in Toronto last weekend.  Isn’t it yummy?  Yes, I know some of it isn’t Christmas-y but I just HAD to have it!  I realized I have a bit of a problem…

IMG_2518  IMG_2519

I’ll be linking with my Wednesday and Thursday link ups in my sidebar.

Till next time…



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