What I’ve been doing…




This summer has been a bit of a blur!

 I’ve done some things that I don’t entirely enjoy…P1020559

Commissioned Medieval Riding Tunics (Blah)


Things I do enjoy…


COTTAGE with the boys…

P1020471I even found some sewing time on the deck!


CAMPING with the whole family…. LOVE!


IMG_0699and catching up on UFO’s.

I hope to do a post with all of the completed projects from 2013.  Stay tuned….

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8 Responses to What I’ve been doing…

  1. Looks like the kind of summer we should all enjoy… days full of doing exactly what we love; thanks for sharing!

  2. tangosgirl says:

    It’s a little bitter-sweet saying goodbye to summer, but I do like getting back to the regular routine of autumn! Thanks!

  3. Ahh, summer! Looks like you had a good one:) Can’t wait to see some of those UFO’s.

  4. Rita Ferber says:

    Yes, we had a lovely summer. Our autumn is turning out to be just as nice. I should be sewing but the weather has just been too good to stay inside! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Janet says:

    Medieval riding tunics! How interesting. And summer at the cottage. I remember those days (from my childhood in Quebec). Sultry and fun.

  6. Rita Ferber says:

    Ha! Yes, those riding tunics, never again! It was a favour that will never be repeated. Upholstery fabric does not drape well for apparel. Thanks for dropping by!

  7. Got the kettle on? I’m here!

  8. Rita Ferber says:

    It’s steeping right now!

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