20130912-224149.jpgI’ve finished a comforter that started out as practice squares about 4 years ago.
I never intended for it to become a finished product!
I used 2″ scraps from the local thrift store to practice matching up my corners. I ended with a bin of scrappy four-squares.
A certain someone said they looked ‘cute’ and suggested I make a quilt top out of them.

And so…voila! A throw-sized comforter was born!

I backed it with a marbled green fabric that was donated to me (score!).
I struggled with whether to tie it or quilt it. Tying won!

The end result is so fugly that I’m actually starting to like it! I’m thinking of calling it “Flat Out Fugly”. I just need to add a label and it’s ready for Christmas gift-giving.
I hope there isn’t a ‘Nosey Parker’ sneaking a peek! If so, act surprised when you open it in 3 months!

I’m linking with TGIFF at Quilt Matters and Finish it up Friday atCrazy Mom Quilts

20130912-232153.jpgI also started cutting fabric for another quilt that I plan on giving for Christmas.

Does anyone else feel like it takes a math degree and a stack of post-it notes to stay organized while cutting fabric?

I’m changing the layout a bit on this quilt and it’s taking all of my brain cells to figure it out! Duh!

I’ll show more of this as I progress.
I’m fairly certain the special recipients won’t be sneaking any peeks!

Oh, and there may be a bit of blood on “Flat Out Fugly”, there were a few Pinpricked Fingers in the making of this quilt!

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2 Responses to Finished!

  1. Green says:

    Wow! That is a monumental finish. Congratulations!

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