Dancing Queen!!

It seems whenever I finish a quilt, I get a song that repeats in my head. Over and over. Not the same song mind you, it’s a different one with each quilt. This quilt…20130915-101757.jpgseems to have me playing “Dancing Queen” by ABBA on the reel in my head. I’ve never been an ABBA fan, but there are some childhood scars that can’t be erased. I’m not sure which sibling listened to that type of music but either way, it’s left me afflicted.

Now, back to the quilt!

20130915-102646.jpgthis will be another Christmas gift.

20130915-103801.jpgI pretty much copied this pattern. Even the FM quilting was the same.

20130915-104022.jpga very simple rose motif.
I even put a label on this one!

Ok, now I’m going to dance around the house like the fool my family knows I am! I’m so happy to be finished another quilt!

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4 Responses to Dancing Queen!!

  1. Congrats on a great finish!
    Now you can do the “happy dancing queen” dance! LOL

  2. Carla says:

    Beautiful quilt! Funny how things get in our head. That song has me thinking of the hilarious performance that Pierce Brosnan gave in Momma Mia!

  3. tangosgirl says:

    Ha! That’s right! Funny! Darn song is still rolling around in there! Thanks for stopping by!

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