You Call it Stash, I Call it Yipee!

I got so much fun stuff this week, I just had to show it off!

I went to the K-W Quilt Show this weekend and found a lovely Christmas layer cake that will become a table topper and assorted goodies for my mom. I also couldn’t pass up the Hex & More ruler!


I found some Parson Gray, Curious Nature fat quarters by David Butler.You can bet I snatched up a small truckload of those!20130928-231415.jpg

I ordered some Clover Wonder Clips and will be trying them out on the behemoth, which incidentally, I finished quilting tonight! I’ll do a separate post for that tomorrow.


I ordered a 1 yard mystery box fromCraftsy you get 25 one yard cuts of select FreeSpirit fabrics. This is just a sample of the goodies I got! I love getting fabric this way! It’s totally like Christmas morning!


And because I love surprises so much, I ordered the Fat Quarter Mystery Box as well from Craftsy You get a whopping 50 FQ’s in the box! Most are doubled, some are not.

I’ve ordered fabric this way a few times and I must say, I’m always pleased. The quality is good, the fabric choices are great and the price is right!
Only once did I get a FQ that I didn’t like, I gifted that to a quilty friend and we were both happy! She loved it!

For the price, it’s a great deal, for the fun factor, it’s a no-brainer!

And last, but not least, I got a FQ bundle of Anna Griffin fabrics that I plan on using in a low volume quilt… Some day!


I have so many darn quilts on my “to do” list that I think I may need to take early retirement just to finish them all!

Ok, I think I probably got another box from Sew SistersQuilt Shop somewhere around here but, that will have to wait till next time! For now, I’m linking with Alyce at Blossom Heart Quiltsas she hosts this weeks’ Sunday Stash-a-Thonusually hosted by Fiona at Finding Fifth.

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9 Responses to You Call it Stash, I Call it Yipee!

  1. Wow, I’m always a bit suspicious about those kinds of deals, but they’re not too bad! Good score!

  2. tangosgirl says:

    They’re fun, but it is a bit of a risk. Thanks for hosting!

  3. Great finds… I like to gamble on fabric bundles too!

  4. Rita Ferber says:

    It’s such fun! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Yippee indeed! I went to the Creativ festival in Toronto last year and it was interesting to see how people reacted to the “modern” fabrics side-by-side with more traditional ones. I shall have to consider those Craftsy grab bags sometime.

  6. Rita Ferber says:

    They are a good deal if you can handle ‘surprises’. Creativ Festival is one of my favourites! I’ve already got my ticket! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Can I retire with you and we can just sew ourselves into oblivion? I love the idea of mystery boxes of fabric! Now we can celebrate Christmas whenever we want.

  8. Rita Ferber says:

    Sounds fabulous my sweet Ms. Molli!

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