Oh, Boy…Another Quilt Before Christmas!

So, you know how earlier this week, I said I only had one more gift quilt to make before Christmas? Well…my son, in all his sweetness, has asked for a quilt for Christmas.
Back in the summer after taking him to one of his baseball games, we took a detour to a local quilt shop. I convinced him to let me shop for fabric by telling him he could pick any fabric he wanted and I’d make him a new quilt. Now; I’ve made him plenty of blankets; he had a playmat that I made when he was just a wee babe.

Then there was the knitted mess I made using chenille yarn that was ‘handed down’ to me by a neighbour.

There were floor pillows for story time that usually live in the closet now.

Then I made him a fleece comforter that he uses nearly every night.

And just 2 years ago, I made him a denim rag quilt that sits in his closet because it’s “too heavy” and two matching pillows (we do use these)!

While I have no objection to making my beautiful boy any number of quilts, blankets or afghans, I do have a tiny objection to making said quilt before Christmas!

Here is proof that he actually does use the things I make him!

I was just starting to calm my nerves a bit and switch gears into making all of his teachers (count them! 10!) coffee mug cozies and matching mug rugs for Christmas. I thought I may even have some time to do a bit of sewing for me!. Nope! Not happening!

“Ok lady” I said to myself (do you talk to yourself too?) “time to get your knickers un-knotted and get to work!” So, along with another quilt (same pattern as the behemoth that I blogged about earlier this week) that I’m doing in a different colour scheme that will be for my soul-sister and her hubby; I will now make one for my boy!

He has chosen these fabrics (pretty good eye considering he’s colour-blind!) and this pattern.

It’s another star pattern, and from experience, these take quite a bit more time to piece than a simpler pattern would. But I just couldn’t say no to my boy, especially when he asked me after telling me how much he loves all the things I make in “my room”.

This is what I’ll be working on today and through the weekend. Wish me luck, pray I get enough sleep to manage the rest of my duties and hope that I don’t prick too many fingers in my haste! I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’ll be linking up with Kelly for My Quilt Infatuation

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2 Responses to Oh, Boy…Another Quilt Before Christmas!

  1. Curlyque Sue says:

    I think it’s great your son wants a quilt made by his mum and it will be beautiful and I am sure treasured. Good Luck getting it done by Christmas.

  2. Rita Ferber says:

    Thank you! I’ll need it!

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