WiP Wednesday!

I’ve been furiously piecing these blocks…


to make a quilt for my soul-sister and her hubby.  I’ve got all of the blue blocks finished.  Now I need to start on the rose/burgundy blocks.  There will be 16 total blocks and with the borders it should finish at a King Sized quilt (again!).  These are not my first colour choices.  My SS (soul-sister) knows she’s getting this quilt (hopefully) for Christmas and I let both her and her husband pick the fabrics from my stash.  I did guide them a bit but for the most part, they chose.  I tried to steer them away from the rose fabric, it just doesn’t blend as well as some of the others I had, but they really liked it.  And in the end, it’s their quilt, so they should love it!  They know the fabric and the general layout so it won’t be a huge surprise but I’m hoping just the fact that I actually get it done will be surprise enough.

So, today I’ll be turning this pile of goodies


Into something that looks kind of like this…


I’m still playing around a bit with fabric layout.

I goofed on the first blue tester block


When I pieced it together I noticed the star pattern was lost in all the blue.  I will likely keep this one and use it for a pillow front or something.  I’ll definitely use it to practice some FMQing!

I’ll be linking up for WiP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Won’t you join us?

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