WIP Wednesday

I have been very busy this past (long) weekend.

Between the (Canadian) Thanksgiving turkey dinners, I managed to piece the entire quilt top for my soul-sister (SS)!

Here it is!


 While it’s not my choice for a quilt (a bit too traditional), the fabrics have grown on me.  I love the blues and the red/white toile.  I think the pink is what’s throwing me off.

I plan on binding it in the burgundy to add a bit of weight to the edge of the quilt.

Tomorrow is a “me” day… hair, nails, etc. but the rest of the week is dedicated to basting and quilting this baby!  It is another king sized monster.  I am still trying to decide on a quilting pattern.  I keep having visions of a loopy, meandering style with a heart shape every now and again.  Being as I’ve only FMQ-ed one thing….


a Christmas trivet/mug rug, I may have to rethink the FMQing on the large quilt.  But on the other hand, I am the type to just jump right in!  Learn as I go!  I just hope my SS will be ok with all the ‘learning’ (read: mistakes) that’s bound to happen.

I’ll keep you posted on the quilt.

As for that Christmas thing-y…


I was just kind of messing around with some Christmas material and thought I’d try my first log cabin block.  It’s not great…colour choices again!  That seems to be a bit of a ‘thing’ with me.  I need to really take my time with colour choice.  When I just try to improv it ends up looking too scrappy.

Anyway, I decided I’d try my first FMQing.  I found it amazingly easy!  WAY easier than straight line quilting!  It only took about 5 minutes to do a 91/2′ square!  Imagine how quickly I could do that monster of a quilt!

That’s why I’m thinking meandering hearts…

Well, like I said, I’ll be basting, then quilting this week and if I need a bit of a distraction, I’ll be playing around with more Christmas trivets/mug rugs.  They seem to go together quickly enough and they give me a bit of a break from doing too much of the same thing.

If I end up having a bit more time, or need a bit more distraction, I’ll be organizing my stash.  I should be getting 2 squishy packages in the mail this week!  I won a gift certificate for Along Came Quilting doing the August Fab Shop Hop!  It was only for $10 but hey, I’ll take it!  I found some sweet fabric on sale and it is on it’s way to me!

I also ordered some solids from Pink Chalk Fabrics to round out my stash a bit.  I was sorely missing solids to go with all my gorgeous prints.  I have a strip quilt in my mind that I want to make and ordered a couple of solid jelly rolls to get that done.

Once I finish the quilt (above) and the one for my son using this stack,


I can start to work on all the quilts rattling around in my brain.  I’m not sure about the star pattern for my son’s quilt.  He did pick it out but I’m thinking I may try to convince him it should be a Twister style quilt.  I haven’t decided what pattern I’ll do with the Lil Twister ruler yet but it looks a bit easier than the Night Heavens block pattern from Jinny Beyer.

I’m pretty much done with star patterns for a bit!

I hope to have a finish or two by Friday but for now, I’ll be linking up with Lee  at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday.

Come join us!

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2 Responses to WIP Wednesday

  1. Great job on that quilt top for your SS, Rita. Looking forward to seeing your progress on the quilting!

  2. Rita Ferber says:

    Thanks! I’m actually looking forward to the quilting this time.

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