Today was a Play Day!

Today was a complete play day! I had the day off work and planned on getting this quilt basted and the quilting started.

I did manage to baste it and I started quilting, then ripped it out, then started again and ripped that out and again and again! Instead of getting frustrated, I decided to play a bit instead. I made these…

I may end up giving these as Christmas gifts, but I’m hoping I can make better ones. My main purpose was to try my hand at FMQing. I think the stippling turned out pretty good, the pebbles not so much. Here’s a closer look at the stippling.

It was fun! Unfortunately I don’t think stippling would suit the large quilt (or it’s recipients) so I tried some other options.



I played around with a bunch of ideas on a few extra blocks I made up for just this purpose. I even tried using pounce to outline a stencil I have, but boy that was harder than just going free motion! I also tried the quilting on my Janome but soon realized I really only like it for piecing. I ended up going back to my Juki for the quilting. With this being another king size, the quilt fits in the 8″ throat space better. The Janome only has a 6″ space.
While some of the designs were getting easier and better looking, you couldn’t really see them and it seemed like too much work for not being able to see it. I suppose I could use different thread but then all of my mistakes would show too!
The backs of the test blocks weren’t too bad

20131017-231723.jpg the trouble is, I want the piecing to stand out. Also, a couple of my designs started looking too much like cannabis leaves. ;P
So after much ripping of stitches, I decided to go the “safe” route and outline quilt the patterns in the quilt top to accent the piecing. I figured after I get the outlining done, I could try to add a bit of FMQing to the larger empty spaces.

You can’t see it too well, but I did get one star outlined but will go around the inside of the star (echo) a bit to add more interest. Tomorrow should be another play day as I took another day off! Yay for me!

I’ll be linking up with TGIFF
which is at Quilt Matters and the I Quilt quilting journey linky party at Pretty Bobbins and Finish it up Friday at crazy mom quilts

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6 Responses to Today was a Play Day!

  1. Glad you had a fun play day, Rita! I know how you feel about free motion on the Janome. I am sure the outline quilting emphasizing the star pattern will look much better than the cannabis leaves! It is such a large quilt. Hope you have a great day off and can get lots accomplished today!

  2. Rita Ferber says:

    Thanks Lorna! And you are very right about the cannabis!

  3. Snowcatcher says:

    I like that you went with the star pattern, too, but I love that your are stretching your boundaries and trying your hand at something new.

  4. Rita Ferber says:

    Thank you! I guess that’s a very optimistic way of looking at my epic fail! Lol! I will keep trying though.

  5. Oh I loved reading about your quilting! It can be so hard to choose a quilting design! Honestly though, no one else would have thought of cannabis leaves 😉 lol It looks like you did great, even with all the unpicking 🙂 as for photographing quilting, it can really help to take a photo with light falling across your quilt. Either coming in through a window with your quilt on the wall or floor or holding it up and photographing it looking up (you need a helper!). Thanks for linking ip 🙂

  6. Rita Ferber says:

    Thank you so much Gemma! Photography is SO not my forte. I will try your suggestions next time. Thank you for your input!

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