Squishy Mail

I just got this fabulous package of squishy mail! This is what I picked with my gift certificate from Along Came Quilting that I won doing the August Fab Shop Hop.
I’m not sure what I’ll do with it yet but it will find a happy home in my stash until I figure it out.

On another note, I ended up buying the Dot to Dot Quilting class taught by Angela Walters over at Craftsy. I have taken a couple of other Craftsy courses but I have to say, Angela’s Dot to Dot really made me feel like I can do this whole FMQing thing! Because of that, I will be spending the night picking out quilting stitches (again) on this quilt.

I will now be trying some Dot to Dot quilting on this and I’ll let you know how I fare.

I’m expecting two more squishy packages this week and then I’m off to CreativFestival this weekend with a friend. I know I will have a bunch of stuff to show you after that fun trip! My list of “must haves” is growing ever longer!

Sew long!

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