More squishy mail!

More mail arrived this week! I bought some scrap bags from Heather at Quilts in the Queue. Not only did I end up with a decent selection of scraps, some were actually full fat quarters!

There are quite a few fabrics here that I would never normally buy but the scrap sizes will be perfect for a few projects I have in mind. I find it is a better deal if I only get scrap sizes from others especially if I know I won’t use the fabric a second time. It’s a win-win for all! Heather was able to destash and I was able to stash-build!
I also received my package from Pink Chalk Fabrics.


I ordered a Colour Box Set of Kona cotton solids in full one yard cuts. That’s 32 one yard cuts in a rainbow of colour! My photos don’t do it justice. I know it’s just solids but Oh, Boy! do I have some great ideas for these beauties! My creativity mojo just starts groovin’ when I look at that rainbow!

I have also been Dot to Dot FMQing the King sized quilt for my SS.

I am shocked at the speed of FMQing! The quilt has 16 blocks measuring 16″ and I am able to quilt each square in about 15-20 minutes! If I had a day to just do it, I’d be done in no time. The problem is, my life keeps getting in the way of my quilting! Darn those obligations!

I am planning a trip to Creativ Festival on Sunday with a dear friend. We both have our lists ready (Santa’s list may be slightly shorter than mine) and I’ve got mine organized for maximum efficiency. I plan on buying mostly notions and a few Christmas fabrics. No sewing machines this time! My husband would blow a gasket if I walked in the house with another sewing machine! Other than that, I may have to curb my fabric buying for a bit, my shelves and closets are bursting already. I’m running out of room to store it! The beauty of it is, once I get my Christmas gift sewing done, I will have all I need to get all my quilts done! I’m even waiting on a bolt of batting from Joann’s. With the shipping and 50% off it was still less than $7.50 a yard and to me, that’s a bargain!

I ordered a basting gun (got it 1/2 price too) and I’m not sure yet about it. Has anyone out there used one? Pros and cons to using it? I’d love some feedback. I’ll let you know what I think after I get a chance to use it.

List for Creativ…check
Running shoes…check
Sharpened elbows to clear the path to great stuff…check

I think I’m ready! Happy weekend folks!

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4 Responses to More squishy mail!

  1. Congrats on all the beautiful squishy mail you’ve received! Glad to hear your fmq is going sew well! And take it easy with those pointy elbows!

  2. Rita Ferber says:

    Thanks Lorna, I’ll be gentle on the other shoppers. 😉

  3. knitnkwilt says:

    To buy or not to buy
    yes: storing up fabric for retirement when I have less money
    no: styles change

    I usually buy. 🙂

  4. Rita Ferber says:

    Me too! I just can’t help it!

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