FMQing – Just Messin’ Around!

I’ve been busy the last couple of days sewing up little gifts for Christmas!


I haven’t been feeling very well (flu or something) so I’ve been getting a late start on my sewing each day.  I ended up taking the week off (mostly) to try to tackle some of my UFO’s and wouldn’t you know it, I get sick!  What’s that all about?  I’ve made a couple more mug rugs (small), coffee cozies (to sell), table toppers and coasters.  I’m not sure my foggy brain could handle anything more than small projects. (snuffle, cough, yuck!)

IMG_1208 IMG_1207 IMG_1209

Mug rugs!


Coffee cozies! There are enough pics in this post I didn’t think you wanted to see every one of them!  I think I’ve got about 30 or so.  I’ll let my boy choose which ones go to which teacher and sell the rest.

IMG_1210 IMG_1214

Table toppers!  Left one finished, right one just the top done.

IMG_1203 IMG_1206 IMG_1205 IMG_1204


Do I pack them in bundles or put them all in a basket and let the family choose/trade like baseball cards?

 I’ve been kind of messing around with some FMQing on some of the small projects.  It’s WAY fun!

IMG_1213 IMG_1212 IMG_1208

Meandering (top two – front & back).  Loop-de-loop (bottom).

I ran into a bit of a snag though…


I don’t know if you can see in the picture,  I ran off the edge of the quilt top and my FM foot slid underneath the fabric.  I took a couple of stitches and found myself STUCK!  I had to rip out the stitches (easier said than done) and it kind of broke my flow.  I also notice the backing fabric creased partway through my quilting.  I ended up having to un-quilt (rip out stitches – ugh!) on about a quarter of the table topper.  Note to self:  iron ALL fabrics really well!  I sort of just ‘touched up’ the fabric with the iron.  I should have really given it a good steam.  I think I still did an OK job considering I’m such a newbie at the FMQing.  I don’t think my family will care or notice much for that matter.  Plus the backing fabric is so busy, you can hardly see the quilting.  I used a variegated Christmas-coloured thread on the front and a soft cream for the bobbin thread.  I think the multi-coloured thread on the front adds a bit more interest to the project without distracting the eye.  I also used monofilament thread in most of the bindings.


I am getting pretty good at attaching the binding so I got brave on one of the mug rugs (log cabin) and used the multi-coloured thread there too.  It turned out pretty good!  I also just stitched in the ditch with that one.

The one table topper is not quilted/bound yet.  I was all ready to get it started, I even had it pinned and ready to go!  But then, I got thinking, maybe I should cut it in half and make two place mats instead.  I’m not sure… What do you think?


IMG_1217 IMG_1216

Full table topper or two place mats (I just folded the fabric to get an idea).  I’m just not sure…

I’m loving the fabric in this one though!


Can you see the script in the stripes!  So cute!  It makes a great binding fabric too!  And the tan holly berries in the top right of the picture… LOVE!  It is sooo soft!  I think I want to make napkins out of that!  There is a bit of a sad story to these fabrics…. Reichard’s Quilt Shop in St. Jacobs, Ontario (Canada) is closing it’s doors.  The owner is choosing to retire from retail sales.  I spoke briefly with the owner and while it’s a bittersweet time in her life, she has happy quilting to look forward to!  The one thing I hear so often from shop owners is they spend so much time cutting, sorting, buying and selling all the fabrics and notions that they don’t have time to quilt!  It is the main reason why I haven’t gotten into retail sales.  I have come across three fabric shops in recent years that have either sold or closed due to retirement and hubby and I have talked long and hard about buying these businesses (or starting a new one).  I’m a Registered Massage Therapist for over 20 years and my hands are starting to give up.  I keep thinking I’d like to open a fabric shop but then, I wouldn’t have time to quilt!  Oh, the dilemma!  I pray about it often and someday, when the time is right, something may just come along that blends my love of sewing/quilting/fabric with a sustainable income.  Someday….

But for now, I need to make:

Napkins & place mats – for tutor & cleaning lady

Pillows for family members – they will be mini versions of the quilts they will get next year!  I’ve got one planned for each of them!

And if there is time… lavender satchels and microwave heat packs to give & sell.

Thursday will be a quilting day.  I really MUST finish the quilting on my Soul Sister’s quilt.


I think I’ve had enough time away from it that I can tackle the quilting again.  I’m using the Dot to Dot method taught by Angela Walters at Craftsy.  It really is fun and easy too!  The more I do, the better it looks.  I know, I know!  Everyone says… “practice, practice, practice!”  I’m just one of those people that thinks everything should just come naturally and perfectly the first time!  I really have never liked the whole “practice” thing.  I just sort of jump in and sink or swim!  This time, I think I may be swimming!  Hope you are having a happy quilting day!

I’ll be linking with I Quilt at Pretty Bobbins on Thursday.

Also linking with Kelly at Needle and Thread Thursday

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4 Responses to FMQing – Just Messin’ Around!

  1. Régina says:

    Incredible how many lovely things you managed to get done, and done well, while feeling unwell. Hope you are better now!

  2. Rita Ferber says:

    I am feeling much better, thank you! I probably would have been better quicker but i am always drawn to my sewing room no matter how I’m feeling. It seems to be a disease of its own!

  3. You’ve been busy for someone who feels unwell! 🙂 thanks for linking up 🙂

  4. Rita Ferber says:

    I likely would have felt better sooner if I’d just stayed in bed, but I’m not one to follow (doctor) orders too well. Thanks!

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