Photo taken with iPhone of a magazine ad for gun barrels.  I'm sorry, I did not write down the magazine, photographer or any other info.  I hope I'm not infringing on any copyrights here!

Unlikely Inspiration

Inspiration is a funny thing.  I get it from very obvious places (other blogs/Pintrest/nature) and from unlikely places (gun barrels/sizzling bacon/a pile of dirty laundry).  Some day maybe I’ll explain all of these inspirations and what I have planned because each one of them have led me to ‘create’ a quilt or other project in my brain.  But the thing that seems most unlikely to me is that I’m an inspiration to others!  In the past three weeks I have been told that I have inspired other people to sew/quilt projects that they would not have done otherwise.  How wonderful!

  1. My good friend down the street told me (because she saw my quilts) I inspired her to make her son a denim quilt for Christmas (shhh!)  I’ve seen the start of it and it will be gorgeous when it’s done!
  2. My son’s former babysitter (he outgrew her – so sad!) told me that she and her mom were inspired to sew a Halloween costume (Dorothy from Wizard of Oz) because of all the sewing she saw me doing in the past years.  I must say, it was a very good dress!  I knew the costume right away!  It was well constructed and the fit was perfect!  I am NOT a seamstress!  I can hem pants but that’s where it ends! But these two ladies made a lovely dress!
  3. My cleaning lady told me she has been inspired to make her second grand baby a quilt and because I have no little girls in my near future, I gave her a few yards of sweet girly fabric to get her started.  I can’t wait to see pictures of the baby (and the quilt when it’s done).
  4. My dear friend (why are we not spending more time together? – we have sooo much in common) just texted me that I inspired her to have some quilty fun today! How sweet is that?

Who would have thought that I could be an inspiration!  Most of the time I fumble, muddle and slug my way through the projects on my list, all the time feeling like I’m an impostor.  I’ve never really thought any of my ‘stuff’ is that good, I just love making it all.  I love to “make” and I love to give so in the end I hope my things are appreciated for the thought (love) that goes into it as opposed to the quality of the product.  If I can inspire others to create and give in the process, then I shall count myself richly blessed.

K, now for those of you that want some real “quilty” content:

I’ve finished a few small things again this week.  A few more Christmas table toppers (no photos yet) and 8 squares that will be 24″x24″ pillows.  Yup, that’s right, BIG pillows!  I don’t do things in a small way.  Here are a few photos of the squares that will be pillows (all to be gifted out this Christmas – so if you see yours here… surprise!).

IMG_1220 IMG_1223


IMG_1224 IMG_1225


They are all using Winter’s Lane fabric on Kona Bone background.  I will quilt them using echo lines to emphasize the star shape (maybe some radiating lines inside the star?).  I will back them with the Kona Bone and I will use the envelope style closure.  I don’t have enough zippers around here and I really don’t want to spend more $$ on these.  Euro sized pillows are not exactly cheap, but all of the recipients are very much worth it!  I did not have a pattern, just kind of ‘winged’ it.  I like it so much I may make a table topper like this for myself!  We’ll see if there’s still enough time.

As for other quilty projects: I’m almost finished quilting the king quilt for my Soul Sister.  I am hoping by Friday I will have it done.  I am planning on FMQing swirls in the inside border and a Dot-to-Dot technique in the outside border.  I’ll have a full post and photos when I’m done the whole thing!  I’ve made plenty of mistakes on it that I will show you in hopes y’all learn from my blunders.

I’ll be linking with Sew Cute Tuesday and Show and Tell Tuesday.

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2 Responses to Inspiration

  1. Conni says:

    your stars look great!!

  2. Rita Ferber says:

    Thanks! I’m almost done and ready for the pillow forms!

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