FMQ pillows

Now, I’d like to tell you a bit more about a couple of those pillows I’ve made for family members…. These are gifts that are a kind of a pre-cursor to next year.  The recipients will be getting quilts next year to match these pillows.  I couldn’t get the quilts done so they will get these pillows in the same colour/pattern that their quilts will be.


This one was a fun piecing experience.  I took a picture of an arrow quilt I found on-line and ‘tweaked’ it to fit my pillow (26″ square).  It took a bit of math (not my strong suit) and only a tiny bit of wasted (scrap-bin) fabric.  The colours don’t show very well here.  This is black with lime green.  It is very striking in real life. I took the “easy” way out and did straight line quilting but I did it with my FM foot. I wanted practice at straight lines without the walking foot/feed dogs helping. I also did not break thread once! That was also a goal. Yay me!


This one in particular was fun!  I made the chevrons using strips instead of HST’s!  Much quicker to piece together.  Some of the points don’t exactly match but that’s ok. I may make the quilt with HST because I seem to match seams better that way. I totally went crazy with the quilting!  I tried a new FMQing technique in each colour bar.


First time for pebbles and first time for feathers. The pebbles got WAY better at the end! The feathers were the opposite. I like the first few I did much better than the ones at the end. Was I rushing? Getting cocky? Not sure but feathers are not my favourite pattern anyway so I won’t be devastated if I don’t master them. I’ll still work on them though. It’s good practice for other patterns I’d like to do.


Back view.


First time for leaves/vines. By this time I was getting really good at stitch regulation. My stitches are still kind of big but they are (mostly) the same size.


Back view.


And first time for swirls.  I’m only showing the back view because the quilting didn’t really show up on the front. Swirls are my favourite so far. I’m loving the circular motion of it all.

All of the back views are on the inside of the pillow and will never be seen, so any weird edging or half swirl patterns look like they belong on the front.  I’m actually pretty proud of my FMQing!  I did notice my tongue was sticking out to the side of my mouth during some of these more difficult patterns :-).  Much like when I was a child learning to write!  I guess it is pretty much the same thing.  Once I get the ‘hang’ of it, I think I just may be ok at this.  You have no idea how happy that makes me.  I’ve been very determined to learn machine quilting.  I’m a hand-quilter first but I am loving the speed and versatility of machine quilting.  I’d never be able to finish 3 king sized quilts, a throw and all the other items I’ve made this year if I’d hand quilted them all.  I can now keep up with my to-do list with quilts in the queue.

I’ll be linking with Gemma at Pretty Bobbins, crazy mom quilts and with Leah at FreeMotion Quilting

I must say, all of this FMQ madness fun is all due to Leah Day and her Craftsy class. I’m about half-way through the class and I’m already hooked on FMQ! I love how the quilt “dances” around as I’m quilting.

No sewing fun tomorrow but I’ll be back at it on Sunday!

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17 Responses to FMQ pillows

  1. Anonymous says:

    What a great idea, to gift with a pillow when the quilt isn’t done. I am sure they will be well loved, and I’m looking forward to seeing the finishing matching quilts.

  2. Thanks! It lets me see their reactions and I can make changes to the quilt if needed before I’m too far along.

  3. I love how two entirely different looks can come out of the same stash and clever fingers, I am sure the recipients will love their gifts. Visiting from TGIFF.

  4. mrsmelanie says:

    Very nice FMQ. I’m a beginner…so I’m a bit jealous of those swirls. I fly into them and my stitches are tiny and messy. Very lovely idea to give the pillow with the quilt to come. I have QIQ’s (Quilts in Que), tops ready to go for 10 grandchildren. I fear I may have Great-grandchildren before I get them all done. Of course, ther are still the Christmas presents to be made…and the promised hand quilted full sized bed quilt that my sister and Grandmother pieced. Shoot me now….and give all my fabric to charity. (Hey! I wanted to start a blog to share my stuff…maybe QIQ should be the title…as I always have them 🙂 ).

  5. Thank you Lisa! I had fun making them!

  6. Thanks! The swirls seemed to be one of the better patterns for me, it must be how my brain works (always going in circles, Lol!) I’ve also seen people back their quilt tops without batting/quilting and give them as patchwork tablecloths. Just an idea! You should start a blog! But I think (QIQ) that name is already taken. We do all seem to have that problem! Oh, hey, I’d be a willing ‘charity’ if you do meet your demise early! Just kidding! Happy quilting! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Oh, BTW, I took Leah Day’s Craftsy course on FMQ and it really helped!

  8. mrsmelanie says:

    OH! Rita! I got the name! I started a blog! Thank you, thank you for the inspiration! went live a few minutes ago! oh mercy me! I’m so excited I can’t stand it! Da-gum it! I have out of town company tomorrow and all I can think about is photographing my tops and projects to post on the new blog. Oh Sweet Mother of All! How will I wait until they leave on Monday afternoon! Thank you Rita! You rock…and I love your blog! And I promise…if the demise comes sooner rather than later (of course I have hopes of one of the Granddaughters taking up quilting as I did from my grandmother) My fabric is yours! You don’t know what you have done for me!

  9. I’m following you!! FYI, when I first started blogging I ended up pulling all-nighters posting because it was so darn exciting! Have fun but remember to sleep! 🙂

  10. mrsmelanie says:

    I will. And thank you again for the inspiration! I’ve been reading through your blog and wondering how you get so many projects done! I’ve been sewing since I was 4 years old at my Grandmothers knee (53 yrs now and still so much to learn). She taught me piecing, but never got beyond that. We did tie a few quilts…because it was fast and easy. I’m looking and desiring to learn MORE! I’m so thankful for the technology I have available to me. Never has there been a time when so many people could have discussions on so many topics. So, thank you Interweb Deities! And thank you Rita. This is most satisfying and delightful!

  11. You are most welcome! You give me far too much credit though! Lots to learn out there for all of us! I thought I was a fairly experienced sewist (since age of 7 – 43 now) but I have oh so much to learn in the quilting world! Great to have you to chat to!

  12. Karen Miller says:

    Congratulations Rita – the FMQ is coming right along. I learned so much from Leah Day — she is wonderful. Another great blog to check out is Wendy Sheppard’s Wendy has “Thread Talk” that is all about quilting on your domestic machine — she also does beautiful work. Look for Thread Talk in her sidebar. I love to FMQ!!

  13. Thank you! I’m going to check out Wendy Sheppard’s blog!

  14. Dena says:

    I am taking Leah’s class too! I am learning and enjoying FMQ. Nice work.

  15. Leah makes it look so easy! Thanks for stopping by!

  16. Thanks Karen! I’ve checked out ivory spring blog!

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