Cushions for Christmas – link up

I celebrated my family’s Christmas last Saturday and all the pillows/quilts were gifted and everyone seemed to like them!  Because this is a post for the link up for Ms. Midge’s Cushions for Christmas Blog Hop, I’ll limit it to just the pillows I made everyone.

I made 8 pillows for gifts using Winter’s Lane by Kate & Birdie for Moda.  These pillows are 26″ square and I just love them so much I made a couple for myself as well!  That’s a total of 10 pillows using this gorgeous fabric line.

IMG_1273 IMG_1274 IMG_1272 IMG_1269 IMG_1264

Here are five of the pillows, some were duplicates, so I didn’t photograph all of them.

Each of these pillows were FMQ with a straight line 1/2″ apart to echo the star shape.  It went very quickly using the FMQ foot as opposed to the walking foot.  I have gotten pretty good at straight line quilting without using a guide/ruler.  I use the straight edge of my index finger as a visual guide while feeding the quilt sandwich through the machine.

IMG_1267 IMG_1266

I also made these two pillows for my nephews.  The black and lime green one is also straight line quilted using the FMQ foot.  The lines draw the eye to the centre of the pillow.  The chevron pillow has a different FMQ technique in each colour bar.  I had a lot of fun practicing on this piece.  I tried many firsts and now have a couple of favourites to use!  Both of these pillows are pre-cursors to quilts the boys will get next year.

If you’d like to read more about these you can check it out here.  You should also check out all the other great pillows people are linking up at Ms.Midge.

Ms Midge

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2 Responses to Cushions for Christmas – link up

  1. msmidge says:

    They’re all fabulous Rita! Thanks so much for joining in! x

  2. Thanks for hosting such a great blog hop! Loved visiting everyone!

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