What? Another Post!

What’s this?  Nothing for a week then three posts in the same day?  What’s going on?  Well, I just have so much to share, I had to split it all up into separate posts.

I had three glorious days to myself this past weekend.  I know, I’m not supposed to like when my guys leave me for a meat-eating expedition and to visit a friend in Kansas City, but I really do enjoy my time alone.  My house stays clean, I don’t have to cook (thank goodness for delivery), and I can go to sleep and wake up when I want.  Basically, I can do everything on my schedule instead of someone else’s.  I wouldn’t want it all the time, but when it happens, I use it as my own little vacation.

Here is what I accomplished while they were away….


2 Pillow Cases for my son’s best friend (he calls me his second mom – sweet, huh?)  I couldn’t find licensed fabric in Canada that I could get in time for Christmas so I printed the logo off the internet and made the Minnesota Vikings logo using fabric bits and the raw-edge applique method.  In hindsight, I should have used interfacing on the back for stability but I wanted it to soften up with washing, so left it off.  It made the whole job a bit harder to sew, but I think they turned out ok.  I used a zig zag stitch to attach it and to add the black detail.  Two pillow cases took me about 3.5 hours to complete.


iPad stand for my son for Christmas.  Every morning, my son props his iPad on a box of kleenex, now he will have a proper stand to hold it at just the right angle.  I found a couple of tutorials online but ended up just wingin’ it.  I may write up a tutorial myself in the New Year.  I used flax seeds in the ‘prop-bar’ and a mixture of flax seeds and batting in the body of the bag.  From start to finish, this took about 2 hours to make.  I didn’t have a tablet to use for the photo so here is a DVD in the place of a tablet.


Other non-quilting/sewing jobs that I got done:

Washed and re-hung all the curtains in the house!  Wow does my house smell good!

Re-arranged my son’s bedroom. Out with the kiddie books and small-kid toys, in with the desk and big-kid books.   Wow, does his room look good!  Can anyone tell me how all that dust gets under the bed?

Wrapped all the gifts for Christmas (57 in all) that are still to be gifted.  How does the dog know which ones are his?  I had to put them up on the shelf in the closet so he won’t get at it before Christmas.  As it was, I felt guilty with-holding so I ended up giving him a squeeky toy early.  He loves it!

By the way, I’m a bit of a give-a-holic.  I LOVE to give gifts!  I love picking them out or making them, I love wrapping them and I love seeing people’s faces when they get something they can use/want.  Here is my sister and sister-in-law, at our Christmas celebration, reading the poem I wrote to go with the quilts (poem printed below).


Here is my nephew enjoying his new pillow.


Here is a gift I received from my dear friend, everything is handmade!


It doesn’t show up very well but, the ‘tag’ is a handmade clay ornament, the card is handmade and the hoop is raw-edge applique and quilted.  This lady has an enormous amount of talent (read about some of her projects here)!  The ornament has little snowflake patterns pressed into it, it’s now hanging on my tree.  The card is a gift in and of itself, she makes the most beautiful cards!  And that cute hoop to hang on my sewing room wall (whoa-man cave)!  That is something I would never spend the time doing myself.  Does this lady know me, or what? The fabric choices, perfect! The detail, amazing! The love, felt!

All in all, it was a wonderful three days!  Christmas….. what a wonderful time of year!

Below is the poem I gave with each of the quilts.  I found a similar one online and like everything else, tweaked it to make it my own.

This quilt is made of cloth and thread
To place upon your humble bed.
It’s not an heirloom just to keep,
Or lie with as you fall asleep.
Perhaps the ground’s the perfect place
For neat and tidy picnic space.
This quilt of cloth can be the thing,
For comfort, while ill, it can bring.
Shelter from the rain if needed
If a forecast was not heeded.
A cushioned place to sit upon
If sitting down for far too long.
So use it up and wear it out—
I promise I won’t yell or pout.
Just tell me when its days are through,
I’ll make another, just for you.
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8 Responses to What? Another Post!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh Rita, wow ! Your poem is lovely, I bet the girls cried. I just marvel at your energy. I would love to have just half of it. I too am a gifter for the same reasons as you. Although I don’t make stuff to often anymore. Usually just my wreath for the entrance. Last year I used my neighbours blue spruce, I took a picture of it with snow on it and will use it on their Christmas card this year. Every year I give them a card with a photo pertaining to them on it. Always a winter scene, I soon will run out of ideas. haha Today is a good day to take some shots as we are getting snow , finally !! Merry Christmas to you, John and Lucas. Love ya Suzie xo

  2. Love the post and that you enjoy giving. I especially like that you consider what they will like and need and want to do the making yourself. Enjoy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love that poem. I think I’ll include that with some of my quilts too. Great idea! Clever pillowcases and iPad stand, Rita!

  4. Thank you, sweet Suzie! I wish you lived closer so you could do my photography for me! I’m terrible at the picture-taking aspect of blogging.
    You always have such nice things to say, thank you!

  5. Thanks! I figure a gift that will be used is a gift that will be loved.

  6. Thank you! I also put the care instructions on the back of the page.

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