Works in Progress

Life takes many turns and sometimes not for the better.  The past week has been a trying time for my family.  My mother suffered a stroke on Sunday and while she is alive and mobile, her cognitive ability and communication have been gravely altered.  I don’t share personal information here often, I try to keep it light and about quilting.  I share this only to say, the quilting I have done has been my solace.  If it wasn’t for the diversion of stitching and time spent in prayer, I would likely spend my day in a state of worried confusion.

After gathering my WIP’S for the week, I noticed a direct correlation between my stress level and my productivity.

More stress = less sleep = more stitching


Remember this picture?  I’ll still be finishing this for a couch throw for my son.


Here is what I’m working on for my son’s bed quilt.

In a previous post I was undecided about my first attempt using these fabrics.  It wasn’t the fabric or the layout of that first attempt, it was the design.  While I still like the pinwheel design, the first attempt just wasn’t what I had in my mind for these fabrics and this quilt.  I decided to change it completely and go with the Tiny Dancer pattern from Jaybird Designs.  It’s hard to tell by the pictures but the pinwheels in the first picture measure 3″ while the ones in the bottom picture measure 9″.  It is a bolder design.  The colours pop more on the black background too.  Exactly what I was going for.  I still need to make a few more hexagons and partials to finish off the edges but I’m almost there.


I’ve also done the cutting for two donation quilts for the kindergarten classes at our local school.  I have done these quilts for a few years and always enjoy seeing the wonderful artwork the children come up with.  I cut white squares of fabric that the children draw on with fabric markers.  When I get the squares back, I sash them and piece the quilt together.  I then take the quilt sandwich and a hand-quilting frame to the school and the children tie the quilt themselves.  Once I’ve finished binding the quilt, it spends an evening with each child in their homes.  They write (to the best of their abilities) about the time they spent with the quilt and take a photo that all gets put into a scrapbook.  When the quilt has spent time in each child’s home, it is then laundered and donated to some worthy cause.  I believe there are a few of these quilts in our local hospital and children’s museum, but mostly I believe they get shipped to a child in need.  I have seen photos of these quilts in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and Haiti after the earthquake.  I believe one of these quilts made it’s way to Africa several years ago.  It blesses me to know my quilts offer some comfort to those in need.  I’ll share pictures of the finished quilts in a later post.


I’ve finished a quilt top for a client of mine.  This lovely lady brought me 12 hand embroidered squares that she made and lavender broadcloth.  I should have taken a close-up of the embroidery. It is very beautiful!  She asked if I could piece it together for her.  She requested it measure 92″x108″.  It was a bit tricky to get it to that size but I found some darker purple broadcloth in my stash that matched some of the embroidery perfectly.  I think it grounds the quilt a bit.  I will not be quilting this.  I believe this lovely lady will be hand quilting it with her sisters.  Sounds like a bit of heaven to me!


Last, but not least, I’ve spent some time knitting some squares for a prayer blanket.  Our church has a wonderful ministry of making prayer blankets for people suffering illness, loss or other trials.  It started a few years ago with one amazing lady that organizes this program.  If you would like to read more about it you can check it out here.  Our small army of knitters usually turn out 2 blankets each week.  This ministry has also spread to the three other churches in our town and even to a few churches in the United States.  Our prayer blankets have gone out to other countries as far away as Australia and England.  We don’t always have to know the people that receive the blankets, sometimes they go out to families we hear about in the news.  There are no requirements, we hear about a person’s need and we respond.  We feel the Lord  places it on our hearts to create these blankets as a small token of His love, grace and mercy.

I’ve been a knitter for most of my life and will often knit a square while watching TV, waiting in a doctor’s office or while watching my son’s sporting events.  It keeps my hands busy and is more portable than my quilts.  Occasionally, I’ll crochet a square but I find I don’t drop as many stitches while knitting as I do crocheting.

If you are wondering whether my mother has received a prayer blanket, the answer is yes.  She received one years ago for a previous illness.  I requested they not make her another as there are so many others on our list waiting for blankets.  My mom still enjoys the comfort the blanket gives.

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21 Responses to Works in Progress

  1. nsturgill says:

    Just stitch all your frustration, love, worry into whatever you are working on – – it will give you focus — and a great memory to touch when you come out on the other side! Thinking of you…..

  2. Thank you! It’s how I’m coping. Thanks for your encouragement!

  3. Sorry to hear your mother has suffered a stroke, Rita. My prayers are with you as you stitch and knit. Keeping yourself busy with your many lovely projects will help to bring you solace.

  4. Thank you, Lorna. It’s helping to keep me sane.

  5. Espirational says:

    Prayers being said for you, your mother and your family. I often use my handwork as a form of “walking meditation” to help keep me grounded during difficult times. So glad it is providing comfort to you during this trying time.

  6. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.

  7. tanyiadeskins says:

    I am very sorry to hear about your mother. I have been through this with mine so I know how worried for her you must be. You will be in my prayers.

    Stopping by from Lee’s hop

  8. Thank you so much! Today seems to be a better day.

  9. I’m so sorry to hear about your mother, Rita. I will pray for you and for her. sewing helps ease my stresses to, and your projects are lovely.

    Thanks for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    🙂 Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  10. Thank you Kelly, for your words of encouragement.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to hear about your mother and it looks like you will keep busy with many projects. Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  12. Thanks for the linky party!

  13. quiltify says:

    Best wishes for you during this difficult time. My mother also had a stroke later in life so I do understand. It’s nice you have your quilting and knitting to help you manage.

  14. Yes, it helps take my mind off of it for a bit.

  15. Régina says:

    So sorry to hear about your mother! Thankfully we have our stitching, and yours does double duty and brings comfort to others as well.

  16. It does, thanks for your kind words.

  17. CeLynn says:

    Wishing your mother a speedy recovery,and you the inner peace to cope in the mean time. Your projects are looking great,love the pin wheels.

  18. Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. Mom is progressing a bit each day.

  19. I hope your mother is doing better. Working with your hands can so often calm the spirit as well.

  20. Yes, it can. Mom is doing a bit better. We are now working to get her into nursing care.

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