Customer Quilt – Done!

So, last time I mentioned I started a website to draw interest for my home decor sewing business.  Well, after just 2 weeks and a bit of word-of-mouth, I have finished my first customer quilt and have a couple orders in the queue!


This sweet crib quilt went together so easily.  The customer brought me 16 finished blocks that she had made a while back.  I used some coordinating fabric from my stash to use for sashing, borders and binding.  I really can’t believe how perfectly the fabrics play together!  The backing fabric is repurposed curtains that allow the quilt to have a 3 generational link (grandmother, son, grandson).  So special!


The backing fabric has these sweet bears in various outfits!  So cute!


I did all over stippling to quilt it all together and I used the same yellow gingham for the binding.  I thought it would add a softer feel to the quilt than if I’d used a contrasting fabric.


And voila!  All done and ready for snuggling!  I hope the lad that gets this will love it for years to come!

I have an order for a quilt that will be used and loved in Quebec.  A sister-friend has asked me to duplicate my “Jeepers Creepers” quilt (below) for one of her sons.  While I can’t get all the exact fabrics, I did order some very similar along with the Zombie Apocalypse fabrics featured in the quilt.  I will be starting that one as soon as the shipment of goodies arrives!  I love getting squishy mail!


My sister is trusting me to cut into her beautiful fabric to make kitchen cushions (I’m happy to start when I get the fabric – hint, hint).  I foresee this as being pure bliss!  I love making things for my family!  I know my sister will love anything I make (and she is optically challenged when it comes to my mistakes).

I have an order for kitchen and dining room curtains that I will be working on when fabric choices are made, and a pending order for kitchen seat cushions.  I’m thinking these may be put on the back burner for a while though.  It is hard to compete with the big box stores for pricing when it comes to cushions.  I feel a tad bit guilty charging the prices I need to, but I also have to remind myself that these cushions would be custom made!

All in all, I’m having a blast with this fledgling business!  I pray often, asking the Lord to guide me in this decision and if He wills it, to send me more business!  Only time will tell if this will be a viable option to allow me to “give up my day job”.

If I may be so bold to ask, if you know of anyone needing home decor sewing, could you send them my way?

Oh, and one more sweet tidbit… my brother has been sewing up a storm!  Yup, my brother!  He bought a second-hand sewing machine (at the thrift store?) a while ago to make cushions for his sailboat.  I stopped by the other day and saw his progress.  Very impressive!  He is working with marine vinyl, marine-grade thread and very basic supplies (scissors, paper templates, ruler).  I’m not sure why I’m so surprised, he has an engineer’s mind, very detail oriented.  Well, I got nosy and turned his work over to look at the backside of his pieced vinyl seat top.  WOW!  I think maybe he should go into business!  Perfection doesn’t even come close to describing it.  I will have to take pictures the next time I am over there.  It will be a long labour of love for him.  He is disabled from a car crash and can only work at it for short periods but when it will be done, it will look AH-MAZE-ING!

It’s so nice to have someone to share my stitch-y obsession with!

Till next time…


I’ll be joining a few link ups in my sidebar, go check them all out!

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7 Responses to Customer Quilt – Done!

  1. Congratulations with your business being a succes! The boy quilt is a lovely one!!! I am impressed that your projects are so different, that must be a lot of fun!
    I am also working on a quilt for someone else but not as a business venture. I FMQ her quilt, she gives me some fabrics. Win-win, right?

  2. Fabric as payment is always good! I like so many different styles, I think that’s why my quilts are so different. Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. treadlemusic says:

    The yellow gingham couldn’t be more perfect!!!!! That quilt is wonderful!!! It is totally impossible to compete with any store on pricing (I found that out with my bridal/formal wear sewing business many years ago!). You’re right….emphasize “custom” and trust the Lord!!! Will be praying for you and your business!!!! So glad your brother found stitching to be to his liking. DH did alterations for his buds while in the Navy many decades ago. Hugs and blessings…………………….

  4. Thank you Doreen for your prayers and encouragement. By the way, the quilting on your ‘Drifting’ quilt is out of this world!! Good luck with the judging.

  5. treadlemusic says:

    Didn’t “win” but I’m totally ok with that, mainly, cuz I really like, and am completely satisfied with, that little quilt. It was a challenge for me (design-wise and construction) and my vision and the completion matched!!!!! Hugs………..

  6. smosselman says:

    Wow lady! Your on a roll!!!!!

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