A Quilt and a Prayer


A few weeks ago, as I was enjoying a pedicure, my friend told me about a sweet little 5 month old baby girl that has been in hospital for months.  She has a non-operable, non-malignant tumour in her brain that is affecting her optic nerve among other things.  She will have an arduous journey ahead of her.  I have never met the parents or the little girl but I see her grandma most times at the spa where we both get our services done.   While listening to the story of this little girl, I felt it placed upon my heart to offer a tiny bit of comfort  the only ways I know how.  Make a quilt and say a prayer.

I let it go for a week or so thinking that it would seem strange to the family to receive a quilt from a complete stranger.  I tried to work on other projects in my sewing room but at the oddest moments, I would think of this little girl and her family.  If God wasn’t tapping on my door wanting me to make this quilt, I’m not sure what was going on.  So, I decided I better answer the call.

I rooted through my scrap bin of pink fabrics and pulled together enough baby-girl fabric to make a decent sized quilt.  Finished, it measures 50″x64″.  Other than the Kona Snow used for the sashing and border, the entire quilt is made from scraps.  Even the batting was “frankenstitched” from scraps cut from other projects.


The backing was a thrift store duvet cover that I recycled and because it was previously loved, it is so soft from many washings.  I decided this would be an excellent opportunity to practice my stippling technique of FMQing.


I quilted hearts in each square of fabric and double hearts along the border.  The binding was a complete surprise!  I found it in my green scrap bin and it has the perfect shade of pink in it!


I’m calling this quilt “Happy Hearts” in hopes it brings a bit of happiness to the baby girl and her family.  I pray God’s love is felt each time they wrap her in it.

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Till next time…


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5 Responses to A Quilt and a Prayer

  1. Catherine says:

    Had to click on your link as there was no photo! I’m sure the parents of this little girl found comfort in your gift.

  2. Thank you Catherine. No photo you say? Hmm I’ll have to check into that. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. wombatquilts says:

    What a darling quilt. It is such a special gift that I am sure will be treasured.

  4. That’s lovely, what a thoughtful gift Rita. I love the idea of the ‘frankenstitched’ batting … they will love it and the thought behind it!

  5. Thank you. The family really did appreciate it.

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