Still More Finishes! I’m on a Roll!

What!  Two posts in the same week!  I know I need to be more consistent with my blogging but living my life just seems to get in the way of writing about it.  Anyone relate?

Ok, so a while back a sister-friend that lives in Quebec, Canada asked me to replicate my Jeepers Creepers quilt I made for a charity auction.  She was concerned that I may get bored making the same pattern so soon after finishing the other one.  To be truthful, I did get a bit bored with it.  It was the same fabric (now used in 3 quilts) and the same pattern so there wasn’t any of the excited surprise I get as it all comes together.  I think this is the reason it took me so long to complete.

Now without further ado… I present “Zombie Apocalypse 3.0


The pattern for this (Seville by Cluck Cluck Sew) is for a throw-sized quilt but my friend wanted a Queen so I doubled everything.  I ended up getting a few more blocks than I needed but I’ll use them up on something else in the future.

I wasn’t able to get exactly the same fabrics as the charity quilt but I think the effect is the same.  Actually truth be told, I kind of like the aesthetic of this one even more.  It looks a bit cleaner than the other one.


I used the Zombie Apocalypse line by Riley Blake fabrics and some other fabrics purchased from on an amazing sale they had!

IMG_2400  IMG_2401

I did a spiderweb pattern over the whole quilt using my FMQ foot.  It was a bit of a struggle getting the bulk of the quilt into the throat of my machine, but I managed.


I pieced the back with all the extra fabrics from the front and I bound it in the same Riley Blake orange eyeballs fabric.  I’m hoping they like the finished product as much as I do!


Because it took a bit longer to make the quilt than I had hoped, I decided to whip up some placemats and napkins for my sister-friend.  She loves sunflowers (always has) and I found this great large-print sunflower fabric at the LQS.  I fussy-cut some of the larger sunflowers and appliquéd them onto the black background fabric.  I used a thin interfacing to give the placemats a bit more structure and, voila!


I made a set of four placemats, two pairs with different sunflower appliqués.

IMG_2409  IMG_2408

I also made four double-sided napkins that I backed in the black fabric.  I think the black helps to tone down the “kitchy-ness” of the sunflower fabric.  I’m hoping these will be a welcome surprise when she opens the box.  Being as the quilt is for her son, I think she deserves these just for her!

While I was busy sewing, I also whipped up a set of placemats and napkins for the secretary of the church up the street.  She has helped enormously with our Ladies Day Apart, women’s retreat, that we are hosting at the end of the month.  The committee wanted to give her something to say thank you, so I thought this would be a nice useful gift.


They are very hard to see as they are low volume prints in cream and white.

IMG_2385 IMG_2386

I made a set of four placemats and a set of four single sided napkins.

Well, that’s about it for this week.  I’m getting back into my regular routines now so hopefully I’ll be visiting with you again real soon!  I’ll be linking this with my Thursday and Friday link ups found in my sidebar, won’t you go visit them too?

Till next time…


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4 Responses to Still More Finishes! I’m on a Roll!

  1. smosselman says:

    Way to go girl! All this gloomy weather has got you in the sewing mood!!!!

  2. You bet! Also, having a sleeping puppy helps too! I’m getting ideas for our trip to Creativ Festival!

  3. This is great and I love the spider web quilting! It’s always hard taking a pattern and trying to figure out a different size than what they are representing on the paper…you did a great job with it. Thanks for linking up with TGIFF!

  4. Thank you! I’m not good at the quilt math so doubling it made the most sense. Now I have some extra for a different project. Thanks again for hosting TGIFF!

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