Personal Post – Bathroom Renovation Complete

I usually post new fabric lines and store news  but, this week, I thought I’d share my bathroom renovation with you instead.  Warning, lots of photos and a very long post!



It all started at Christmas…

My son and husband decided I should get the bathroom of my dreams as a Christmas gift.  As this is primarily my bathroom and the main bath in the house, I was given free-reign over the design and execution of the project.  I was also reminded that I didn’t have a budget to confine me!  Yippee!!  Being a bit of a DIY junkie, I decided I would do as much of the work as I could and only source out the jobs I wasn’t able to do on my own.  I began the project at the end of February and now, at the end of May, it’s completed (almost).

First step:  I started pulling the old tiles off the wall.  This turned out to be the most cathartic experience!  Demolition does wonders for the soul!  If you have any frustrations, this is definitely the way to get rid of them! (sorry, I didn’t take many “before” pictures – it was pretty ugly)


Second Step:  Installing the new tub…

We opened the crate and found this…


a huge crack in the skirting of the tub.

Thankfully, it was easily replaced with a new tub. (only a three week delay)


Next: installing the tile…


This lovely man has been a family friend since I was 5 years old.  He let me cut the tiles, do some of the grouting and be his helper though the whole project.  While I would never attempt to install tiles all on my own, I learned so much!  He is truly a master at his craft.

Carrara Marble tiles in the tub area, Black Hardwood-look Ceramic tiles [12″x24″] on the floor all purchased from Casa Bella Tile in Kitchener.  If you’ve never been to their showroom, it’s worth going just to see the beautiful old building it is housed in!

IMG_0019 IMG_0021

I did have a drywaller come and install the new drywall (he did a great job in the tub area) but his finishing skills were lacking on the walls (or maybe I’m just a perfectionist).  I ended up having to re-tape and mud most of the walls and ceiling in the room.  I thank my dad for teaching me all my ‘handy-gal’ skills when I was a young girl.  I hope he was smiling down from heaven as I was working away.  Because of the drying time and that pesky thing called work, this was the job that took the most amount of time.

The plumbing fixtures were purchased from Hammond Plumbing in Kitchener.

The plumbing and electrical was done by Toman Services from right here in New Dundee!

I ordered these amazing sconces from Restoration Hardware and they showed up within 5 days!

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 2.36.16 PM

I treated myself to this ridiculously expensive clock from Restoration Hardware as well.  It was probably the biggest “splurge” considering it’s so small (6″x6″), but I love it!

Restoration Hardware

The next step was the cabinets and countertops…

The cabinetry was beautifully crafted by Sheila Reinders of JWS Woodworking & Decks out of reclaimed barn board.  I love the rough, naturally aged look of the wood.  My favourite details in the wood are the skipping saw marks, often seen on century old wood planks, and the worm holes created many decades ago.  The wood has been stained and sealed to prevent any damage due to the high humidity of the room.



Countertops were manufactured and installed by my local Cambria Quartz dealer, My Countertop Shop.  I chose Praa Sands and think it pulls all of the colours and surfaces together.


My favourite detail is the rough chiselled edges of the quartz and the wood countertops.


The art glass in the cabinet doors were a happy find!  Purchased at Breslau Art Glass.


After a piece broke when our puppy decided to do a “happy dance” in the bathroom, I decided to salvage it and have a stained glass piece made in lieu of window dressing.


It allows the light to come in, and blocks the view so our neighbours don’ t have to be subjected to our wrinkly-selves as we exit the shower.

I did have a shower curtain hanging but, as I pulled the curtain away to take the photos, the plastic mounting brackets broke!  Initially they looked like this…


after I touched them they shattered into a million pieces!

I’m still waiting for the mounting brackets to arrive from Kohler in the US.  They said, they have never heard of this happening… I guess I’m special!

Even with all of the little snags and setbacks, I LOVE my new bathroom!  When my family needs me, they can often find me in my bathroom, admiring all the lovely surfaces and beautiful craftsmanship!


“A bathroom built for a queen”, as my husband says.  I guess it’s fitting, it IS the throne room!  😉

I’m so thankful to all the retailers, tradespeople and especially my husband and son for making this dream a reality.  Next major reno… the kitchen!

Till next time…


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2 Responses to Personal Post – Bathroom Renovation Complete

  1. Linda says:

    So nice to hear of local businesses! Lovely bathroom. Enjoy!
    -from downtown Bright 🙂

  2. Ah, beautiful Bright! Blink and you miss it, same as New Dundee! I love our small towns! Thanks for stopping by!

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