A Long Time for This Finish…

I finally have a finish this week!  I started this quilt two and a half years ago!


I took it along to a rental cottage two years ago in hopes of finishing the top and only got as far as this.


Then, it sat on my shelf like an abandoned orpah.  I was determined this week to finally finish it!  It’s been so long, I’ve totally forgotten the fabric line.  I made it using two charm packs and (I think) three of Kona Snow.  I’m not a huge fan of charm packs, as they kind of limit what kind of pattern you can use.  I settled on the ever versatile HST!  I played around with the layout (for a very long time) until I decided on this spiralling square.


As this quilt already took far too long to complete, I decided on straight line quilting a kind of chevron pattern in the cream HST spaces.  I then bordered the quilt in straight line quilting in the background fabric.


The quilting is simple and, I think, allows the printed fabrics to  “pop”!  I may have a few more mistakes in this quilt than others I’ve made, but, I was losing my patience with this project and really just wanted it done!  Did I mention this is the first quilt I made just for me?  I was undecided up until this week what I was going to do with it but when I got started, I felt that this lonely orphan needed a mama!


The back is pieced with two large pieces from the same line that I found in yardage and a strip of Kona Snow.


I sort of cheated by binding it with pre-made bias binding that I bought ages ago from a now closed fabric shop.  I don’t love the binding and may end up removing it and putting on a co-ordinating one from my stash.  In the meantime, I have washed it and use it most nights while curled up watching the awesome summer line up of shows!  Who here is watching The Last Ship, Falling Skies, Under The Dome or the ever entertaining Rizzoli & Isles?


Here’s a sneak peek of what I’m working on now…


A California King Quilt for our bed!  I’m using the amazingly quick “quilt-as-you-go” method I used making this quilt last Christmas.


I think with my patience level being so low, I need a quick finish for this monster of a quilt.

I also spent a few days sprucing up my pergola.  I hemmed up some drop cloths, hung them on curtain rods and, voila!  Curtains for my pergola!  I then bought a loveseat & chair set and an outdoor carpet.  This is my favourite spot to enjoy my morning coffee!  Many of my emails and blog posts are done here too!  It never feels like work when I’m enjoying this space.


I’ll be linking up with a few of my blogging friends this week, gosh, it’s been a long time!  I’ll see you all at the various linky parties!

Till next time…


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11 Responses to A Long Time for This Finish…

  1. treadlemusic says:

    YAY!!!! A finish!!! Congrats!!! (let’s forget about the details……….) Enjoy it!!! Leave the binding alone==just a reminder that you’re DONE!!!! Love the pergola and the drop cloth idea is one I’m seeing more and more……..lovely space……..envy!!!!

  2. Thanks Doreen! I’m noticing the ugly binding less and less.

  3. treadlemusic says:

    You can do it!!!!! 😉

  4. suzie says:

    It looks very inviting Rita . Morning coffee (or tea in my case ) is best enjoyed outdoors. Looks like a lovely place to unwind also at the end of the day !

  5. I so wish we lived closer so we could enjoy those drinks together! Missing your smile!

  6. Emilee says:

    Congrats on finishing you quilt! Looks great!

  7. Yvonne says:

    NIce finish! It’s a lovely quilt. Always feels so good when a long ago started project is done doesn’t it?

  8. Yes, Yvonne, I think I’m liking it more each day. Maybe because I let it sit for so long. Not that I’m planning on leaving all of my WIP’s sit that long! 🙂

  9. Hello Rita,

    This is a lovely quilt. You must be so pleased with the finish – the square spiral is so effective, and looks like great fun to do. You are giving me ideas… but I have a quilt that has been waiting rather longer than two and a half years…

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

    Love, Muv

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