Home Again, Refreshed!

I’ve spent the past two weeks camping along the shores of Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada.  It is one of our favourite places to camp.  The sunsets are gorgeous, the walking trails are beautiful and the sandy beach is perfect for playing with our dogs and swimming.  It’s a little piece of perfection just over an hour from home.


We spent several afternoons just hanging out at our campsite, taking lessons in relaxation from our dogs.


Tango (pictured below) is our 9 year old Portuguese Water Dog.


He has camped with us most of his life and he loves it!  However, two whole weeks were proving to be a bit much for his arthritic bones.  My husband, having to go back to work after only one week, decided to take our old boy home with him.  The two of them enjoyed the peace and quiet at home without this little guy…


Wrigley is our 1 year old Portuguese Water Dog.  He is full of energy and always up for an adventure!  It was his first camping trip, first time in the water and first real trail walk.  He was great at all of it!  We don’t even need a leash while trail walking with him, he stays so close.  My ever-loyal companion.

I did manage to get some knitting done by the fire.  I’ve even taught myself to knit by feel instead of having to look at each stitch as I go.  I made a couple of small errors but, all in all, it worked out okay.  I’m working on a couple of squares for a prayer blanket.  Our church has a wonderful prayer blanket ministry, making knitted/crocheted blankets for anyone in need.


We spent some time building sand castles.  My son brought a friend along to share in the fun!


There were a few games of “doggie in the middle”.  Our pup seemed to think this was the best game ever!


Mostly though, it was two weeks of sleeping in tents, eating outdoors and playing on the beach.  Summer is truly a glorious time in Ontario!


You can’t tell from this picture but, the tips of the trees are starting to turn orange.


Before we know it, winter will be upon us and we’ll have to snuggle under our favourite quilts to keep warm.  I better get busy making some of those quilts!

I’m still working on a QAYG quilt for our bed…IMG_0098

I haven’t had a chance to work on it for several weeks but I have lots of time in the near future for this and many other projects!

I’m looking forward to a week while my son is at church camp and hubby is away on a motorcycle trip!  I’ll have the house to myself with no meals to prepare and no housework to do (until the last day before they both come home).

Oh, boy!  The projects are just piling up in my imagination!  I may even work on a few Christmas projects.  I’ve got a lot of pretty Christmas fabric in the shop right now!  Oh, there’s even a 15% off sale!  I’ll let you head over there to find out more!

Till next time…


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