Sweet Dreamin’, Civil Rest

So, you know that old saying about the shoemakers’ kids having no shoes?  Well, that is also kind of true for this quilter.  I have probably made about 30 – 40 quilts in the past two years or so but had never made one for our bed.  My son has three, my extended family all have at least one, some have two with several more in the WIP pile.  Sadly, my husband and I did not have one for our bed.


That’s been rectified!  Meet “Civil Rest”, this is a jumbo California King size quilt.  It is actually more of a bedspread size.  It measures 136″ x 120″ and was completely made on my domestic Juki sewing machine.  My shoulders are a bit tender from wrestling with it in that tiny throat space but… I won the battle!


Speaking of battles, the name of the quilt pays homage to the years my husband and I silently waged war over the bed covers through the long, cold nights.  He would turn over, taking 80% of the blankets with him.  I would wake and yank 20% back.  This would leave me with less than half… every… single… night. For years.


No more!

I promised him, I would make a quilt that was impossible for us to fight over, and guess what?  I did.  The overhang is a hearty 28″!  Almost to the floor!  We slept the past two nights with it and, Whaaat? No tug-o-war over the coverings!

“Civil Rest”.

As stated before, it measures 136″x120″.  I used parts of a “Collection for a Cause” Fat Quarter bundle along with other fabrics from my stash.  The bundle consisted of mostly civil war reproduction prints in browns, tans, creams with vibrant blues, pinks and reds.  I omitted the pinks, I love wearing it but didn’t think hubby would want pink in the bedroom.

I used the QAYG method perfected by Jera at Quilting in the Rain.  Basically, it is a foundation pieced log cabin quilt, using batting squares as the foundation.  Each block measured 13.25″.  There are 80 blocks.  I then picked a wide backing by Kona called Primitive Gatherings in a muslin/tan colour.  During the basting stage, I lost count at over 400 pins!  The quilt even hung over my king-size quilting rails!


I just did straight-line quilting on the diagonal of each log cabin block.  I knew because the piecing had been done on the batting, I only needed to lightly quilt the backing on.  I am loving the large squares the quilting pattern creates.  It really allows for the piecing and fabrics to shine.  I wanted the quilt to look like it had been made ages ago.

CivilRest quilting

I used Warm & Plush 100% cotton batting, which is a double-thick batting from the Warm Company.  It will keep us warm and toasty well into the winter months.  I haven’t yet washed it to get that gorgeous crinkled look.  That will happen on the weekend when I have time to hang it out on the line.

So, now that we have peace, we can both get some rest.

Till next time…


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20 Responses to Sweet Dreamin’, Civil Rest

  1. Laurel says:

    Gorgeous. I loved your story, Rita. Love the name too!

    Thanks for linking to TN&TN’s WIP Wednesday!

  2. Thanks Laurel! This quilt was a long time coming.

  3. Sharon - IN says:

    I know that tug-o-war all too well! Wonderful story and quilt!

  4. Yes, Sharon, I figured we weren’t the only ones. Now you need to go make your own over-sized quilt to keep the peace! LOL!

  5. Marjorie says:

    Very nice…I see some Oh Canada fabric in there too!!! Love it. We don’t have one on our bed either!! I had one, but is too small for the bed we have now. I quilt non stop for others, and like you…the sons all have a few!!! Lol. that has to change….I like your quilt!!!!

  6. Thanks Marjorie! Yes, good eye, there is some Oh, Canada in there. I had to supplement some of the reds from my stash and it seemed to fit. Not totally civil war themed but the colours played well together.

    Hey! You better get cracking and make yourself a quilt!

  7. Kat says:

    Congratulations on the huge finish! It looks great!

  8. Jo Ferguson says:

    Congrats on a huge and gorgeous finish.

  9. Susan says:

    A wonderful log cabin! I love the colors, and it is so lovely and big!

  10. Thanks Susan! We are loving the extra width of the quilt.

  11. Andree says:

    Hi Rita, you did a wonderful job on the quilt. You also inspire me, because I’m in the same boat – made lots of quilts but none for our bed yet. I pieced a batik quilt a couple of years ago and didn’t like it and put it away. A few months ago I took it out and fell in love! I’ve decided to make it just a little bigger so that it will go on our king size bed. May you enjoy your Civil Rest!

  12. Andree, yay! It makes me happy to hear you will finish a WIP after so long! We are both loving the extra width of the quilt. A batik quilt sounds lovely. Good luck on the finish!

  13. This is gorgeous! I am very interested in jera’s QAYG method and will follow up with that. I feel your shoulder pain as the last quilt I made was made larger for the very same reason and it is a lot of work to tug those quilts through our domestic machines. But you did it and so did I so it proves even the largest quilts can be done on our domestic machines. Hurrah!!

  14. This is now the second quilt I’ve made using Jera’s QAYG method. I love it for these oversized quilts and also for a quick-make. Last year I made a throw sized quilt in one afternoon start to finish using this technique.

    I’m so happy to hear others are using their domestic machines! As much as I think I’d like a long arm, I think I’d miss quilting on my little Juki!

  15. Love your quilt, very pretty. People ask me why I make such big quilts, I don’t like the tug of war problem either!

  16. Ha! a woman who understands me! I’ve been asked that for years. I read somewhere that we should all decorate our bedrooms with a quilt/duvet one size larger than the mattress size as it is more aesthetically pleasing to see the drape over the edge of the bed. No one makes large enough store-bought king quilts though. We do! Thanks for stopping by!

  17. I love your quilt and your story. Earlier this year I made a log cabin quilt to document all of my fabrics mostly reproductions it now lives on my bed too 😀

  18. It must be lovely! I love the log cabin block. It is so versatile and we can all use up our stash or scraps! Thanks for stopping by!

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