Home Again!

Thank you to everyone that stopped by my booth at the Creativ Festival!

My crew and I had a lovely time getting to know you all a little better.

I have been blessed with the best friendships ever.  One friend travelled from Quebec, my sister took time away from work and another friend left her baby boys to spend the weekend helping me!  Two others showed up out of the blue to tear down.  God is good!

Here they are…


A quick pic before the show opens!

One of my dearest friends from childhood is on the left and my wonderful sister is on the right.


Ok, I guess I had to get in on one of the shots too…

That’s me on the left, my friend in the middle (came all the way from Quebec!) and my sister on the right. These ladies took time away from their jobs to help me out at the show.  I am grateful for the time we could spend together.  Sister-love runs deep in the three of us.


If I ever start to feel a little blue, all I have to remember is that these amazing ladies all showed up to help tear down at the end of a very long day.  I didn’t ask, they just figured out that I could use the help.

The six of us tore down my display booth in one hour, then loaded it all in my U-Haul in about 20 minutes!  There’s no moving company that can compare with the forces of girl power!  We all stayed fairly clean in our white shirts too!

Another note of interest, there are two sets of sisters in the above photo and the four of us have been friends for over 35 years!  Bring on another 35 ladies!  We’ll all be rocking together in the nursing home!

Thanks again to everyone that stopped by to say hello, I’m always happy to hear what you are working on and to be able to put a face to the name.

Thank you to my fabulous team that helped out, I couldn’t have done it without you all.

You make me look good, you make me feel loved.  Thank you!

Till next time…


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4 Responses to Home Again!

  1. suzie says:

    What a pleasure it was for me to be able to help out at the Creativ Festival.
    Rita you are a gracious host, (boss), treated us like royalty !
    I have only dabbled in quilting, but totally get the love for the fabric. I’m not even sewing at this time in my life, but came home with some. Go figure, haha

    I really enjoyed meeting the people who stopped by the booth to look, feel, and share their stories. One woman in particular who gave me goose bumps ! I wish her much success with her projects and am so pleased I could help.

    I saw again this weekend how loving, helpful, and smart Rita is. She throws herself totally into what she is doing. She is a giver !! She took the time to help so many ladies individually with their projects and if she couldn’t help she would whisper her competitions name in their ear.
    Who does that ? A very special person, that’s who !

    It was also great to see my sister and niece, who live too far away !
    Sherry, (my sis ) really was a huge help, and is a strong woman! She surprises me constantly.

    Anita, a year is way too long, missing you all already.
    So here’s to family and lasting, loving friendships !
    Life is good !

    Je vous souhaite beaucoup de success ma soeur ami Rita.
    google it. haha

    Suzie xo

  2. Aw, thanks Suzie! I had a great time with everyone! I googled it, thanks for that sister-friend! Much love to you!

  3. Sherry Loree-Stroeder says:

    It was great seeing you again Rita and meeting Stephanie. It is a true testement to your character for friends and family to take time away from their families to help you. You are blessed as we are for having you around.
    On my way home I told Britt that we hadn’t all been together in over twenty years and yet it seemed as we had never been apart!
    Britt and I enjoyed ourselves and I hope we can all get together again soon. Until then,good luck in all you do!

  4. Aw, so sweet of you Sherry! It was great to see you again too! Britt is a stunning young lady, she takes after her mom. Thanks again for all your help and I hope Britt didn’t mind spending a Saturday night with us old ladies!

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