Switching Gears

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It’s been a long time coming but I have finally decided to retire from massage therapy.   At the end of February, 2016 I will switch gears and work at my fabric retail business (www.fabricplease.com) full time.

It is a bittersweet feeling, knowing I won’t have the same interaction with people that I do now.  My clients, many who have been with me for 25 years, have become my friends.  I will miss seeing them as often and hearing how they live their lives.

The excitement of jumping in with both feet into the fabric business, keeps me on the ‘sweet’ side of the bittersweet emotions.  The ‘bitter’ is the uncertainty.  I have been a massage therapist for my entire adult life, and so much of my identity is wrapped up in that.  It’s sort of like re-discovering who I am.  Fun, but scary.

I’m hoping with the different pace, I’ll have more time to sew, more time to finish projects around the house and hopefully more time to cook and bake.  Basically, I’m hoping I’ll be a better wife and mother.

My clients, while sad to lose their trusted therapist, are encouraging and supportive of the change.  I thank them for that.  My husband is wonderful, he is willing to walk this path with me and hold my hand when needed.  My son, well, he’s a teenager and while he thinks this is a good thing, he’s pretty much indifferent.  What can I really ask of him?  He’s going through his own major changes (voice/body/emotions) right now and if I remember correctly, it takes a lot of energy to morph into an adult.

SneakPeekFullSizeRender-3(sneak peek of some of what I’ve been working on)

I’m hoping you will find more quilting/sewing related posts here in the next little bit.  I have several customer projects in the wings that I must get to soon.  I have lots of my own projects rumbling around in my head that I have to slap down on paper (or I’ll forget).  I’m also hoping to get ahead of the game and pre-make items to sell.  In all, I’m hoping to totally change the pace and feel of my life.  I’ve been known to have two speeds:  “lightning fast” and “sleeping”.  Now, I’m planning on creating another speed… “steady-as-she-goes”.  I think it will sustain me long into the next few stages of life.

Thanks for joining me in my journey…

Till next time…


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5 Responses to Switching Gears

  1. Ioleen says:

    Sounds like a great move. All the best and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

  2. treadlemusic says:

    Oh Rita!!!! Congrats on this next chapter!! But I must ask that when you figure out that “steady as she goes” speed, puh-leeze, clue me in!!!! I’m still of the highly-caffeinated or sleeping persuasion and it’s been 5 years since I entered this fab life!!!!! Welcome and I expect great things!!!!! (no pressure……………LOL!!!!)………………….

  3. Thank you Ioleen! Merry Christmas to you and your family as well!

  4. Hahaha! Doreen, maybe if I figure it out I should teach classes at quilt retreats! LOL! I’m fairly sure all of us quilters are “full-speed or stop” kind of people. Merry Christmas!

  5. treadlemusic says:

    And the same back at ya!!!!!

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