New Adventures in Sewing!


There’s going to be some new sewing adventures over here at Pin Pricked Fingers!

After a dear friend of mine made this awesome knit top for me using Abundance Monsoon by Art Gallery Fabrics.


I decided it was time to start making my own clothing… again.  I say “again” because it’s been more than 20 years since I made an article of clothing for myself.  I used to dabble a little bit with garment sewing, if I needed something ‘different’ to wear to a special event. The problem with that was, the speed at which I finished a project was slower than the rate of weight gain/loss, so when the pants/top/skirt was finally finished, it no longer fit!

I used to sew baby clothes for my nephew (he’s now 21!) and that seemed to work out much better.  If he ended up outgrowing the article that I was making, I could usually hand-it-over to another sweet babe.

Alas, there’s no babes to sew for now (not yet, anyway) so I’m going to try to do some selfish-sewing again.  I’ll likely change sizes a bit, but my sewing skills and speed have improved over the years, so I should get a reasonable amount of use out of each piece.

Sooo…. all this to say….

I bought a Dress Form!!


I’ve wanted one of these things since I was wee.  I’d see them in the fabric store and dream of playing dress-up!  It’s basically a life-sized dolly!  Only, I get to wear the clothes too!

“She” will be getting a name eventually, I just haven’t settled on one yet (Penelope/Betty/Arabell).  We have to get to know each other a bit.  I’ve done my measurements (UGH!) and set “her” measurements to the same.  It’s so nice to have a twinsie! It has a hem-line marker, the base is fairly sturdy and there’s even an option to off-set it for making pants!

My first project will be this epic fail!


This was a free ‘pattern’ I pulled off the internet.  There really was no pattern.  Just some vague diagrams and even more vague directions.  Basically, it was a ‘wing-it’ kind of thing.  The fabric is now sold out of my shop, but it is a knit by Freespirit.

This is supposed to be a wrap top but it turned out to be more of a (very) long tunic.  The sleeve holes are way too big, the breast panels don’t overlap enough (cleavage anyone?) and the pattern didn’t give any instructions for finishing the edges.

So, I’ve got my work cut out for me.  I’ll be cutting about 5″ from the bottom to bring it up to shirt length.  I’ll likely use that extra fabric to make bias binding to finish all the edges or I may make the binding out of a co-ordinating cotton.  I’m not really a garment sewist, so any tips from y’all would be appreciated!

I’ll be seaming up the sides to close in the arm holes a bit and in general, “tweaking” it until it is wearable.

Then, my next project to tackle will be this Schoolhouse Tunic.


 I bought this pattern last year after seeing so many great ones on Instagram.

It comes with an ‘actual’ pattern and from what I’ve read from others, the adjustments needed to make it fit perfectly, aren’t too difficult to implement.

I’m feeling confident I can tackle both of these tops.  I’ve got a whole bunch of other ideas swirling around in my head and with (Penelope/Betty/Arabell) by my side, I think I will have some sweet sewing adventures!

I’d love for you to come along and watch the failures and triumphs as I try my hand at garment sewing.

If anyone is interested in purchasing one of these Adjustoform SewDeluxe Dress Forms I can order one in for you.  I’ve priced out several dress forms available in Canada and US and I believe this one has the best value at $275.00 CAD.  

(Note to my US friends… our dollar basically sucks now so you really should be taking advantage by buying from Canadian stores) 

Send me an email at if you are interested in purchasing one.

Till next time…


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