What a Weekend!

In Ontario this past weekend, we had an extra day to spend with our families, hence the “Family Day” holiday.  Our family decided to head north to try to find some snow.

Now, I know many people dislike winter, but I LOVE it!  I love snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling and tobogganing.  I love the crisp crunch of snow under my feet and I love the cold clean air.  On the flip side of that, I love snuggling under warm quilts by the fire and sipping hot chocolate.  Winter is by far my favourite season, so this year has been particularly disappointing for me with our mild weather.

All three of us got snowmobiles as family Christmas gifts this year and we hadn’t had a chance to try them out due to the extremely mild winter.  So, our plan was to drive to Northern Ontario to where we knew there was snow.  We loaded up the sleds, got a sitter for the dogs and away we went, to Timmins, Ontario.

After 9 hours of driving, we arrived to find glorious snow!  So pretty!IMG_0850

I did have a bit of a rude awakening with this temperature reading the first dayIMG_0849

Yup, that’s minus 35C (-31F)!  That is stupid cold!  Our faces froze pretty much as soon as we stepped out the door.  Thank goodness for good equipment.

We enjoyed our time on the trails even though my machine needed some repair.IMG_0843

Then it broke down again the second day and we decided to head home a day early.  Our sled dealer will be getting an ear-ful from hubby!

Coming home early gave me time to finish up some sewing projects!

I finished up the 6 chair cushion covers that are headed to Italy.  IMG_0842

Fabrics used:  Lotta Jansdotter  – Lucky – Emes Midnight Navy, Parson Gray – Shaman – Visionary Warpaint, Northcott – Colourworks – Smoke, April Rhodes – Gusts of Leaves – Art Gallery .   Thread:  Aurifil 2600 – Soft Grey

I’m hoping the recipient is happy with them.


I tweaked my summer wrap top a bit.  Trimmed and hemmed the bottom.  I ended up taking 5″ off the bottom!


I cleaned up the edges.


I still need to put either a dart in the back or an elastic to tailor the fit a bit more.


I’ll get to it when I finish up the black/white/red quilt I’m working on.


I’ve almost got all the blocks done for side one, I just need to start the layout.

It felt like a much longer vacation to me, maybe because I got to do everything I like doing. Spending time with my guys, playing in the snow and sewing!  I feel well rested and revitalized.  I feel ready to tackle the coming week and get ready for our next weekend away on the sleds!  Hopefully we can find snow a bit closer to home.

Till next time…


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6 Responses to What a Weekend!

  1. We were up in Haliburton and it was nice to have snow to go along with the frigid temperatures, and free skating at the arena, where the cold was bearable.

  2. Haliburton is so pretty! Glad you got to enjoy some winter too!

  3. Ioleen says:

    Sounds like you had a great time. Glad you got to use your sled. It’s amazing how minus 35 with a wind chill can revitalize a person.

  4. Minus 35 sure makes you wake up! Thanks Ioleen!

  5. northern says:

    We definitely have enough snow in the Timmins area! And the cold temps! 😊 We live less than an hour from Timmins; great trails in the area! Love your sewing setup! Gave me some new ideas how to carve out a more user friendly quilting area!

  6. Thanks for the use of your snow and trails, LOL! Glad my space gave you a few ideas!

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