All Set to Work (and Play!)


I spent the weekend moving the online store into the space that used to be my massage clinic.  The space is a beautiful sunroom off the back of our house that I have always loved to spend time in.  The brick wall adds rustic charm, the huge wall of windows brings in light and the birds outside serenade me.

Originally, I had planned on setting up my sewing room in this space but the width of the room limited the layout of my tables.  I prefer to use a “U” shaped layout for sewing but I just couldn’t make it fit in this tight space.  So, the ‘store’ found a new home.

This option made more sense… I won’t need to heat the room as much as I would if I were to sew in here (I like a toasty sewing space).  I move around a lot while filling orders and that helps keep me warm.  This space works great for customers that want to shop in person (by appointment) and the delivery guys are going to be pretty happy too.  I do have black-out blinds to protect the fabric from the damaging rays of the sun so no need to worry about those huge windows I mentioned.  All in all, I will have no trouble at all spending my days filling orders in this delightful space.

The best part of this move… I got my sewing room back!

Chaos ruled for most of the transition…

IMG_0926 2

(everything, everywhere before it get’s sorted)

IMG_0927 2

(my sewing tables loaded with a lot of “junk”)

IMG_0928 2

(my shelves in place but that peg board needs some work)

Once things were put away, order was restored!


I have my “U” shaped sewing layout again.

IMG_0931 2

With lots of light!


My peg board keeps everything in reach.


My fabric stash is organized.

IMG_0929 2

And I have a design wall again!

I spent a few minutes on a preliminary layout for a friend’s quilt.  I see a few blocks that need changing… I’ll leave that for tomorrow’s play time!

It’s amazing how the space dictates my mood.  Now that my sewing room is set up again, I can’t wait to get behind my machine and log in a few hours.  I had lost my sewing mojo for a bit and I think it’s because I was crammed into a tiny corner that stifled my creativity.  I feel it all flowing back again… look for a lot more quilting/sewing on my personal blog

If you are in the New Dundee area (60min. West of Toronto) and want to drop in to shop, let me know and we’ll set a time.  In the meantime, hop over to the store and shop from the comfort of your own home.

Till next time…


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