Gotta Love that Feelin’

I love that feeling when I’ve finished a task that has been on my “To Do” list for a long time.

This is what I finished!

Ellis Quilt in the garden

This quilt was requested (way back) in January!  It has been haunting me ever since.

This Double Irish Chain, (in red, white and a bit of yellow) was made for a dear friend and his wife.  I had been putting a lot of pressure on myself while making this quilt.  Usually, I make quilts and just hope that everything turns out ok and I don’t stress over it.

This time was different.  I know my friend will love this quilt (he has loved everything I’ve ever made him) and he won’t see any imperfections, even after someone has pointed them out (who would do such a thing?).  The problem is… I know how much he’ll love it and he’ll want to show it to EVERYONE!

I appreciate the rose-coloured glasses my friend has when it comes to “all-things-Rita” and those glasses keep many of my “mistakes” hidden.  His wife and their many (many) friends don’t wear such glasses.

 Therein lies the problem.  I was making this quilt with the weight of all those (spectacle-free) eyes on my back.  Now; the logical part of me knows those folks won’t see my errors.  But… the emotional side of me just quivers at the thought of my quilt being looked at like some sideshow freak.

Well, here is a peek (for you sideshow fans) at the finished king-sized “Ellis Quilt”

On the bed

Ellis Quilt - on the bed 2

Up close

Ellis Quilt - Medallion detail

Now you are entering into my personal space

Ellis Quilt - Up close

Okay, now you’re getting a bit too close for my comfort but, here goes…

Detail of the Fleur de Lis FMQuilting.

Ellis Quilt - Fleur de Lis - Detail front

(sideshow info:)  

I used pencil to trace the stencil and free-motion quited over the lines.  The mistake I made was using PENCIL.  It does NOT just wash out!  This is an old hand-quilting technique that has worked for ages.  The problem:  I wasn’t hand-quilting!  The accuracy while hand-quilting is bang-on.  Free-motion on the other hand, well; it’s not accurate.  Mine isn’t anyway.

I spent many hours scrubbing away the pencil marks with a toothbrush.  I think my hand may be permanently cramped.  Note to self:  never EVER use pencil again when machine quilting!

(sideshow’s over – you can stop grimacing now)

The back of the quilt is all kinds of crinkly goodness!

Ellis Quilt - Back of quilt - FMQing

I straight-line quilted through the Irish Chains on the reverse.  It made a lattice-kind of pattern.

I think I may like the back just as much as the front, it has a bit of a whole-cloth look to it.

Ellis Quilt - Back detail

Binding went on (shockingly) without a hitch.   I even remembered a label!

Ellis Quilt - Binding & label

No pattern was used.  I just did the math and made 55 of each of the two quilt blocks that make up the Double Irish Chain.  Quilt measures 104″ x 114″

I used various shades of red and yellow fabrics from my stash (some purchased for this project).  The background fabric on the front looks white but is actually ColorWorks Premium Eggshell by Northcott.  I thought it would soften the starkness of the red on white and blend better with the yellow.  I used a Pure White quilt backing from my stash, Hobbs 80/20 King Sized quilt batting.  Aurifil 2024 for piecing/quilting in the white spaces and Aurifil 2250 for straight-line quilting.  Batting, thread and ColorWorks Solids can be found at Fabric Please!

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m loving the feeling of finishing this quilt.  Despite all the things I see wrong with it, I’m still going to love giving it to one of my oldest and dearest friends.

Ellis Quilt - in the garden 2

Till next time…


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8 Responses to Gotta Love that Feelin’

  1. treadlemusic says:

    I LUV that quilt!!!!! I know that all those more ‘negative’ thoughts will fade with time (as will the pencil marks/’human’ evidence!)!!!! Consider it all evidence that you, not a computer, created this for your dear friend and that dear one is the focus of this incredible gift. The stitching motif is so perfect for that space and the contrast with the diagonal stitching sets both off. I agree, the back is a wonderful “whole cloth”. Congrats on your “finish”!!!!!!!

  2. Ioleen says:

    This turned out amazing. Well done!!!!! A friend of mine draws the quilting design on freezer paper, cuts it out, irons it on (waxed side down) and f/m quilts around it. The pattern can be pressed down a few times before it doesn’t stick. I don’t f/m so I use this method and love it.

  3. Thank you so much Doreen for your kind words! I’m enjoying looking at the finished quilt on the back of our “good” living room and I’m falling in love with it! Funny how that happens. Thanks again!

  4. Oh, Ioleen! Thank you for that info! I do remember reading about that (ages ago) and haven’t tried it (probably because I forgot about it). I will do that on my next one for practice!

  5. treadlemusic says:

    You are so very welcome……and deserving……BTW…..:-D

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