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Today I had to say goodbye to my most loyal and trusted friend, Tango.

Thirteen years ago, this sweet bundle of fluff came into my life
and ever since has been my confidant and trusted companion.

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I have laughed a little every day because of his playful antics.


Such a proud, faithful dog, so patient and gentle.

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I’ll miss his warmth while he lay at my feet.
I’ll miss his happy greeting when he sees me (for the 100th time in a day).
I’ll miss him chasing butterflies in the park and
barking just for the joy of hearing his voice.
My heart is a bit heavier today but so much bigger for having him in my life.
I believe dogs give us a glimmer of God’s perfect love.
I’m blessed to have had this guy love me so perfectly.

Sleep well my friend.

Tango 2004-2017

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