My Quilts


fullsizeoutput_2832 Norton & Knightly Quilt (2017)

fullsizeoutput_282c Farm Fun Quilt (2017)

fullsizeoutput_2808fullsizeoutput_2809 Batik Quilt for Big Village (2017)

fullsizeoutput_28a2 img_0689.jpg Sliced Twice Quilt (2017)

IMG_0062 IMG_0774 Couple in Paris Panel show sample (2017)

IMG_0049 Fidget quilt for Mom (2017)







“Moustache Quilt” – Queen Sized commissioned quilt with shams (2016)

img_1568 fullsizeoutput_2331

“That Quilt Mini” – Baby Quilt made for QuiltX Show – backed with terrycloth (2016)

img_1509 img_1512

“That Quilt” – Double Sized Quilt using “Chopstix” pattern for QuiltX Show (2016)

Ellis Quilt in the garden Ellis Quilt - Up close Ellis Quilt - Medallion detail Ellis Quilt - Back of quilt - FMQing

“Ellis Quilt” – King Sized Double Irish Chain made for Chris/Kris (2016)

IMG_1114 IMG_1109 IMG_1112 IMG_1106

“Two Sides, One Quilt” – Double-sided King Quilt – for Suzie (2016)

CivilRest CivilRestoverhang CivilRest quilting

“Civil Rest” Extra wide King sized quilt made for our bed – no more fighting for the covers! (2015)


“Round and Round” throw quilt made just for me! (2015)


“Tuxedo” Queen sized quilt – Szusz wedding (2015)


“TMNT” Double sized Minky comforter Commissioned (2015)


“Movie Reel” Double sized Commissioned quilt (2015)


2 @ “Tree Frog” Twin Quilts Commissioned (2015)


Commissioned baby quilt (2015)


Szusz baby quilt (2015)


“Don’t Box Me In” Queen sized quilt for youngest nephew (2014)


“Blue Rhapsody” Lap Quilt for Sister (2014)


“Zombie Apocalypse 3.0” Queen sized quilt commissioned (2014)


“This Way That Way” Queen size quilt for oldest nephew (2014)


“Pinwheels” Double sized quilt for my son (2014)


“Happy Hearts” baby quilt – donated (2014)


“Generations” baby quilt – customer quilt (2014)

IMG_1788 IMG_1794 IMG_1797

“Jeeper’s Creepers” – Donation quilt for youth group (2014)

IMG_1783 IMG_1781

“Rainbow Dreams” – throw size quilt for my niece (2014)

IMG_1644 IMG_1648  IMG_1647  IMG_1646

“Zombie Love” – throw size quilt for my dear husband (2014)


Quilt top only – pieced together for a client – embroidered squares made by client (2014)

P1020699 P1020700 IMG_1507

“Great Strides” throw quilt (72″x86″) Donated to Kinsmen/Kinette for the Cystic Fibrosis fundraiser (2014)

P1020693 P1020694 IMG_1494

Crib Quilt – “Surefooted as a Deer” (Psalm 18:33) – Donated to St. James Church (2014)

P1020692 P1020691 IMG_1501

Crib Quilt – “As the Deer Pants for Streams of Water” (Psalm 42:1) – Donated to Bethel Missionary Church (2014)

P1020697 P1020698

Kindergarten quilt (Mrs. T) donated 2014

P1020695 P1020696

Kindergarten quilt (Mrs. U) donated 2014


“Lavender Stars” King sized quilt given to my brother & his wife for Christmas (2013)


“Flat Out Fugly” Throw given to my sister for Christmas (2013)

20130915-101757.jpg P1020568

“Rose Shadows” King sized quilt given to my brother-in-law & his wife for Christmas (2013)


“God Appointed” King sized quilt given to my Soul Sister & her husband for Christmas (2013)

IMG_0226 IMG_0227 IMG_0231

3 Kindergarten Quilts donated (2013)

P1020463 P1020464 P1020465

Lap Quilt & Pillow donated to retiring Kindergarten teacher (2013)

P1020227Cathedral window play mat

Play Mat for Dear Friend’s baby (2013)

20131002-113107.jpg 20131002-113642.jpg  20131002-114556.jpg 20131002-114400.jpg 20131002-114954.jpg

Various projects given to my son since he was a babe (2001-2012)

2 Responses to My Quilts

  1. gail says:

    One of my good friends daughter is 12 years old and has cystic fibrosis. She is have a partial lobectomy may 14 2014 and I was wondering if you sell your quilts or make them for purchase. I want to give her something she can cherish forever and give her comfort in a time of need. Please let me know asap. I greatly appreciate it

  2. Yes, I do! Please email me at and we can better discuss the details

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